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What is the Target Audience and Persona? How is It Created? Examples

Of course, when doing digital marketing, it is necessary to advertise to the right target audience and produce content for the right target audience. If we can set our target correctly, we can get better results and get better performance from our ads. So we tried to provide information in this content by giving examples to help you grow your company and identify better audiences for digital marketing. After reviewing our content, you can use our automatic audience builder tool by registering with Grower, and you can grow your business by taking the right actions related to SEO, social media and advertising management.

What is the Target Audience?

A target audience is a specific customer audience that a product or service is focused on. Demographic data, behavioral characteristics, geographical location and other factors are taken into account when determining the target audience. These help in the targeting of marketing communications and strategies.

What is a Persona?

A persona is an imaginary character that represents the target audience. This character, created based on real data, is used to better understand the target audience. Characteristics such as age, gender, hobbies, shopping habits are taken into account when creating a persona.

The Decoupling Between Target Audience and Persona

The relationship between audience identification and persona creation provides marketers with in-depth insights.Dec. Creating a persona allows them to understand the target audience in a more human-oriented way, which helps in the development of more personalized marketing strategies.


How to Create a Target Audience?

Creating a target audience means determining which group of people a product or service is aimed at and identifying these groups. Here are the basic steps for creating a target audience:

Do Sunday Research

Sunday research allows you to understand who the potential customers are that your product or service may be in demand for.

By doing competitor analysis, examine who uses similar products or services and which features they prefer.

Collect customer feedback through methods such as surveys, focus group interviews, or online data analysis.

Determine Demographic Data

The demographic characteristics of your target audience (age, gender, income level, education level, geographical location, etc.) determine.

For example, young women, middle-aged men, families of a certain income level, for example.

Examine the Psychographic Characteristics

Psychographic characteristics cover the lifestyle, habits, attitudes, values and interests of your target audience.

These features help you understand why people might prefer your product or service.

Create the Ideal Customer Profile

By combining the data you have collected, create the ideal customer profile.Dec. This means identifying a typical representative of your target audience.

For example, a young professional may be someone who lives in the city center, is interested in technology and likes to travel.

Make a Segmentation

Using the information you have obtained, you can divide your target audience into different segments. For example, you can make segmentation by income level, by age, or by shopping habits.

Keep the Target Audience Constantly Updated

Depending on the changes in your marketing strategies, re-evaluate and update your target audience.

New trends, changing needs or Sunday conditions may affect the characteristics of your target audience.

Creating a target audience is a continuous process and may change over time. Therefore, it is important to adapt your marketing strategies according to this information by regularly reviewing the characteristics of your target audience.

Examples of Target Audience

You can also check out the examples we will give to better understand the target audience.

Technology Products

Young Technology Enthusiast: December 18-30, people who are interested in technology and follow the latest technology products.

Professional Business User: December 30-45, corporate users who need technology tools for business efficiency.

Education and Training

Students and Parents: Families with middle school and high school students who focus on the education of these students and meet their educational needs.

Professional Development: Adults or professionals who want to advance their careers and acquire new skills.

Travel and Tourism

Adventurous Travelers: People between the ages of 25-40 who travel to discover and experience new cultures. December 20th, 20th, 20th, 20th, 20th, 20th, 20th.

Family-Oriented Vacationers: Vacation planners who offer child-friendly facilities and activities for families with children.

Fashion and Clothing

Trend Follower Young People: Young people who follow fashion closely and follow trends on social media.

Professional Appearance: Business professionals who want to dress professionally and stylishly in a corporate environment.

Food and Nutrition

Healthy Living Interest Group: Individuals who attach importance to organic and natural nutrition and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Fast and Practical: The target audience focuses on people who offer fast and practical meal solutions for those who work at a busy pace.

These examples represent different target groups from various sectors. Characteristics such as demographic characteristics, interests, needs and behaviors of the target audience can be taken into account in the creation of marketing strategies for a particular product or service. This information can help you communicate more effectively with target audience specific marketing and better respond to their needs.

How to Create a Persona?

The persona creation process includes research, data analysis and Sunday segmentation. Persona, supported by real customer data, allows marketing campaigns and communication to become more effective.

Examples of Persona

Studying the samples always allows us to better understand and find the possibility of application.

Here are a few examples of personas that can be used in different sectors:

1. Technology Products

Name: Technology Enthusiast Emre

  • Age: Between 25-35 Dec
  • Occupation: Software Developer
  • Features: Curious about new technologies, following technology, early adopter of the latest technological products.
  • Objectives: To increase business efficiency, to develop innovative projects using the latest technology products.
  • Problems and Needs: To follow technology trends, to provide access to tools that will increase productivity.

2. Clothing and Fashion

Name: Fashion-Loving Ayşe

  • Age: 18-25 Dec
  • Occupation: University Student
  • Characteristics: Follows fashion closely, shows interest in trends on social media, cares about brand awareness and aesthetic appearance.
  • Their goals: to express themselves, reflect their style, dress in accordance with current fashion.
  • Problems and Needs: To provide access to fashionable and trend-following clothes suitable for the budget.

3.Health and Fitness

Name: Health Conscious Sea

  • Age: Dec 30-45
  • Occupation: Manager
  • Characteristics: Attaches importance to a healthy lifestyle, exercises regularly, is interested in organic and natural products.
  • Goals: To stay fit, to adopt healthy eating habits, to get rid of stress.
  • Problems and Needs: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance at a busy work pace, providing access to sports and health activities where he can devote quality time.

By examining the samples, you can also define personas for your own company. You can define more than one persona, develop different discourses for different target audiences for your own company.

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In this content, we tried to be inspired by the persona and the target audience. We hope we were able to provide useful information for your company. If you want to speed up digital marketing processes and take much easier and correct steps, you can meet Grower and use the Grower system in SEO, social media and advertising management processes.


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