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What is SWOT Analysis, How is It Done? Examples and Usage

SWOT analysis is a thought system created by self-knowledge of businesses and individuals. By doing a good SWOT analysis, measures can be taken by seeing both the shortcomings and strengths very clearly, strategies can be developed, and exactly what needs to be done in the next step can be determined. We will also try to be an inspiration by providing a free SWOT analysis tool for you to make improvements by doing better SWOT analysis in this content, as well as what, how to do it and giving examples.

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a thought management system for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities that may occur and threats that may come from outside.

By performing SWOT analysis, businesses or individuals evaluate themselves in 4 titles and try to create an overall photo.

How is SWOT Analysis Performed?

In order to conduct SWOT analysis, businesses or individuals start by evaluating themselves in 4 headings.


You write down the strengths of the business, the areas where it is superior to competitors and the reasons why customers prefer you in this field. Here, factors such as the parts that are not in the competitors, the team’s experience, price advantage, capabilities, quality can be written into the strengths.


You write down the weaknesses of the business in this area. You express the shortcomings within yourself by writing down the sides that you lack, such as price, experience, Sunday dominance, number of customers, quality and ability, which are in the competitors but not in you.


Sundays In the Opportunities section, you can write about the opportunities that are out there related to the market or other areas in the industry. Sunday’s growth, customers recommend your product to 1,000 people, you will create a completely different space with the technology you will develop, there may be opportunities.

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In the Threats section, you write down the areas where competitors or variables in the industry can undermine your business and affect it in a bad way. Sunday Sunday, you should write down all these threats, such as competitors can take over your market, any powerful firm can enter your market, or a new bill can block your business.

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Examples of SWOT Analysis

In this section, we will present SWOT analysis examples for well-known companies to inspire you. We hope it will help the SWOT analysis process for you.

Tesla SWOT Analysis


  1. Innovation and Technology: Tesla is developing high-tech products such as electric vehicles, autonomous driving and energy storage solutions.
  2. Brand Image: Tesla is known for an image of sustainability, innovation and luxury, which increases its brand value.
  3. Autonomous Driving Technology: The company stands out for its leadership in autonomous driving and its efforts to develop autonomous driving capabilities.
  4. Sunday Sunday Expansion and Growth: Tesla is constantly expanding into new markets and expanding its production capacity in order to increase its market share globally.


  1. Production Capacity and Delivery Problems: Tesla may have problems with production capacity to meet demand, and sometimes there may be delays in deliveries.
  2. Profit Margins: High costs and profit margins in the production of electric vehicles may affect Tesla’s profitability.
  3. Dependence: Tesla’s revenue comes largely from electric vehicles, which may make the company a little fragile outside the energy sector.


  1. Electric Vehicle Demand: Environmental concerns and dependence on fossil fuels may increase the demand for electric vehicles.
  2. Energy Storage Solutions: The demand for renewable energy can enable Tesla to find growth opportunities in areas such as energy storage solutions.
  3. Sunday Sunday Expansion: Tesla has opportunities to increase its market share worldwide and to enter new markets.


  1. Competition: Traditional automotive companies and other technology firms are competing against Tesla in the field of electric vehicles and autonomous driving.
  2. Regulations and Government Policies: Changing regulations and government policies may affect the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.
  3. Supply Chain Issues: Tesla’s supply chain may be exposed to risks such as material supply or logistics issues.

Apple SWOT Analysis


  1. Brand Value and Image: Apple has a strong and well-known brand image. It is Decently known as a prestigious and innovative brand among consumers.
  2. Innovation and Design: The company stands out with its pioneering design and innovative technologies in its products. Products such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBook in particular receive praise in terms of design and user experience.
  3. Powerful Ecosystem: Apple has a comprehensive ecosystem that brings together iPhone, iPad, Mac, App Store, iTunes and other services Decently. This also increases customer loyalty.
  4. R&D and Marketing: The company makes high level R&D investments and promotes its products with effective marketing strategies. Dec.Dec.


  • Pricing Strategy: Apple products usually have a higher price tag compared to their competitors, which may restrict accessibility in some Sundays.
  • Addiction: A large part of the company’s revenue comes from iPhone sales. This situation may pose a risk in terms of income diversity.
  • Pressure to Innovate: Rapidly changing technology and consumer expectations in the market force Apple to constantly innovate and maintain its competitive advantage.


  1. New Products and Services: Apple can increase its Sunday share by developing new products and expanding its range of services. For example, it may focus on areas such as health technologies or augmented reality.
  2. Growing Digital Sunday: There is potential for growth in areas such as digital services, subscription models and cloud-based solutions.
  3. Sunday Sunday Global Expansion: Apple can increase its revenue by entering new markets and growing more in existing markets.


  1. Competition: Intense competition in the technology industry can negatively affect Apple’s Sunday share and profit margins.
  2. Technological Changes: Rapid technological changes and the emergence of new players in the Sunday market could threaten Apple’s leading position.
  3. Regulations: Factors such as changing legal regulations, tax policies and privacy standards in different countries may affect the company’s operations.

Migros SWOT Analysis


  1. Marketplace Leadership: Migros has a significant market share and a wide store network in the retail sector in Turkey.
  2. Diversified Product Range: The company offers a wide range of products, from food products to household goods.
  3. Customer Loyalty: A long history and a strong brand image increase customer loyalty and brand preference.
  4. Innovation and Digitalization: Migros improves customer experience and increases online sales by making innovations on digital platforms.


  1. Price Competition: Due to intense competition in the retail sector, pricing strategies may affect profit margins.
  2. Operational Efficiency: Having a large store network can pose some challenges in terms of operational efficiency and logistics management.
  3. Dependence: Dependence on a particular region or product category may be important for risk management.


  1. Online Sales: With the growth of e-commerce, Migros can increase its sales on online platforms and improve its digital marketing strategies.
  2. Expansion and Innovation: With innovative products and new store openings, it can expand its customer base and expand to different geographical regions.
  3. Social Responsibility Projects: It can increase its activities in areas such as environmental sustainability and social projects and strengthen its brand reputation.


  • Competition: Intense competition can lead to price wars and lower profit margins.
  • Economic Fluctuations: Economic uncertainties and changes in exchange rates can affect costs in the retail sector.
  • Changing Consumer Habits: Changes in consumer demands and the increase in online shopping may affect traditional store sales.

In this content, we tried to give you information about SWOT analysis and to be an inspiration. We hope that we have been useful for you and provided inspiring examples. We have also done a SWOT analysis by trying our tool and we would love for you to receive a presentation by mail. Artificial intelligence and the Grower algorithm are trying to support you in every field to grow your business and enterprise. If you want to make much more accurate decisions while doing SEO, social media, advertising management in the field of digital marketing, make digital marketing faster and easier, you can grow your business with Grower and sign up for Grower right now. We are looking forward to growing your initiative.


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