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What is Social Media Planning and How is It Done?

There are some steps you need to know to actively share on social media platforms. The first of these steps is to make social media planning. However, what is social media planning, the subject comes across as an interesting topic. 

Social media planning is expressed as a strategy process for the content that a brand or person will produce in order to effectively connect the service or product it provides with its target audience.  In addition, with social media planning, it becomes possible to organize the process of delivering the message that a brand wants to give to the target audience. In addition, with social media planning, people and brands can determine their target audience. In addition, they become better equipped to produce content that appeals to the audience. 

Social media planning is also known as creating a calendar about which platform, which content will be shared on which time period. At this point, making social planning makes digital marketing strategies quite practical for people and brands. At this point, what is social media planning and how to Decipher it is also among the topics of interest. As the Grower team, in this article we will share with you those who are curious about what is social media planning.

What is Social Media Planning?

Social media planning is a planning created with creative content and messages. If the media channel is selected incorrectly to deliver the advertising message, it will be impossible to reach the target audience and get feedback. For this reason, the method of delivering the advertising message to the target audience in line with marketing goals is related to media planning processes. In these processes, traditional and digital media applications such as television and radio advertising planning, social media marketing and media purchasing, as well as media planning media are preferred.

How is Social Media Planning Done?

Social media planning should be done as follows:

  • You must determine your target audience

The first step for social media planning should be to determine your target audience. In addition, appealing to the right audience on social media is very important in terms of the interaction of your content. In addition, when making social media planning, it becomes possible to focus on the wishes and likes of the right audience with target audience analysis

Be the target audience through social media applications

  • You should set your goal on social media

Another point that should be considered in the social media planning process is to determine the goals in social media. The social media goal varies depending on the person using the relevant social media account or the brand’s marketing strategies. It is extremely important to plan social media goals and strategies with practical methods.

In the process of setting goals with social media planning, it is an important criterion to pay attention to the fact that the goal is specific, measurable and timely, in particular.

  • You should analyze the social media strategies of your competitors

The other step in the social media planning process is the process of analyzing the social media strategies of your competitors. The criterion that people or companies that produce content on social media platforms often forget is that their competitors are also developing strategies on social media platforms. You should observe the social media strategies, positive or negative sides of the brands you are facing in the market competition. Thus, interpreting these strategies will be an important example when creating your own social media plan.

  • You should choose which platforms you will produce content on

During the social media planning process, you need to decide which social media applications you will produce content for. There are usually frequently used, different social media applications from each other. One of the important steps in the social media planning process is to know which social media platform is suitable for the content you want to produce. 

Not every social media platform has the same features as each other. In addition, the audience you will address on every social media application may not be the same. For this reason, it is extremely important that you find out which social media platform you will find the audience that the content you have designed in your mind will appeal to.

  • You should determine the hours when your target audience is active

For the social media planning process, you need to know the hours when your target audience is active. In addition, it is extremely important to know which times of the day your target audience is more active on social media platforms by looking at criteria such as gender, age, profession. In addition, determining the hours when your target audience is active is seen as an effective method of increasing your interaction on social media.

  • You should create a content calendar

The other stage in the social media planning process is to create a content calendar. The content calendar is necessary to determine which days and times you will post on social media platforms. The criterion to be considered when creating a content calendar is to target the hours appropriate to the hours when your target audience is active.

 Creating a content calendar during the social media planning process also allows you to share content consistently and at December intervals. Accounts that do not share regular and high-quality content on social media platforms fall into a passive position in digital marketing processes.

  • You must choose what kind of style you will use

The seventh step to making social media planning is that you know how to use a style. The style and language you will use in social media content plays an important role in the interaction with your target audience. 

When creating content on social media, you need to decide on the use of sincere, sincere and humorous language or the use of a more formal style. In addition, the style to be used in social media posts is entirely the person’s or brand’s own choice. The main criterion that should be considered in choosing a style is to analyze correctly which age December and professional group you are addressing.

  • You should test the performance of your social media plan

Another criterion that should be considered for a social media plan is to test the plan you have created for performance. Social media; After you have completed many steps such as the audience you will address, competitor analysis and content calendar, you should test by checking your interaction rates that the plan you have prepared works. In addition, as long as there is no problem with the performance of the plan you have prepared, you should make adjustments to the social media plan by re-analyzing the active hours of your target audience.

  • You should produce different content to different social media platforms

Creating different content on different social media platforms to prepare a social media plan is the last step. The likes and requests of the audience concentrated on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn vary. For this reason, it is not the right strategy to share the same content on all platforms in order to produce content to multiple social media platforms. As Gemel, we recommend that you produce more visually weighted and entertaining content for your Instagram account, while producing more formal and informative content for your LinkedIn account.

What is the Purpose of Social Media Planning?

The purpose of social media planning is to deliver the brand message to the target audience as effectively as possible with a detailed social media analysis. In addition, even if the desired content is used, no matter how effective, the desired return may not be achieved, even if the content reaches the audience, if the social media or media platform that will allow us to reach the target audience that we want to be addressed is incorrectly selected.

With the increasing influence of Social Media Marketing, digital media planning and purchasing processes are highly preferred by brands.

What are the Advantages of Social Media Planning?

In terms of marketing any product, service or brand through different media channels, it is extremely important to reach the target audience through the right channels. At this point, systematic studies, research and analysis have an important role. In addition, there are many advantages of proper social media planning. They are generally as follows:

  1. It offers a professional perspective to reach the target audience.
  2. It is possible to reach the target audience with a low budget.
  3. With the help of media professionals and expert strategies, the advertising message can be transmitted to the target audience in the most accurate way.
  4. With the measurability of the process, it is a guide for new advertising campaigns and new marketing goals.
  5. It is possible to give the desired message with effective content focused on the target audience.
  6. By choosing the right media channel, customers get a return in a short time.
  7. It creates brand loyalty in the customer.
  8. It is extremely important to analyze the presence of corporate companies in the digital environment.
  9. It provides real data for marketing strategies.

The Process of Preparing Social Media Planning

Many issues are being asked about how social media planning is done and the planning preparation process. Besides, it is possible to say that this situation is not difficult when you determine the right strategies. In addition, it is likely that you will become a good social media expert with the right methods and get efficiency from the accounts you manage. In this case, creating social media planning is not a difficult process.

If you think that all these processes will be difficult and you don’t know how to do it, it is extremely important that you learn social media in all its details. We also recommend that you work with social media experts to get support in determining strategies. With the service you will receive, you can master all the processes by observing your social media plan processes.

What You Need to Implement for an Effective Social Media Planning Process

It is extremely important that you determine your strategies for effective social media planning. In addition, the steps you need to follow to create a social media plan with these strategies are as follows:

  • Conducting target audience analysis

At what time intervals and days of December your followers or target audience

  • Competitor analysis

You should analyze what days and hours your competitors who offer the same service as you do, how they share, how they highlight their own brands, and which platforms they use. 

  • Language of communication 

The communication language that you create between you and your followers is the signature of your brand.Dec. It is extremely important that you carry out your shares in this direction.

  • Content tracking

You need to keep track of the progress of automatic sharing of your content as required, the status and layout of your shares. 

When you follow the strategies we have mentioned about how to do social media planning, it is possible to learn how to determine a method. In addition, it is also a matter of creating an effective social media plan. In this way, you can also know the message you want to give and get to know your target audience. You can also use the timing correctly and manage your budget.

As the Grower team, in this article, “What is Social Media Planning and How is It Done?” we have discussed the necessary criteria and those who are curious about the subject. You can visit our website or contact us through our communication channels to get more comprehensive information about our products and the services we offer.


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