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What is Growth Hacking, How Is It Done? Examples and Usage

Marketing is changing day by day, and marketing experts can come across with different tactics. Applying different techniques while doing digital marketing, the activities done to attract customers are called “growth hacking”. We also tried to explain what growth hacking is and how it is done in this content and to be inspired by giving plenty of examples.

  • What is growth hacking?
  • How is growth hacking done?
  • Elements of growth hacking
  • Examples of growth hacking

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking, unlike traditional marketing strategies, is a marketing technique used to ensure the rapid growth of a product or service using innovative and data-driven methods.


How is Growth Hacking Done?

This approach aims to create a high impact at a low cost and usually uses creative solutions, analytical thinking and trial and error methods.

While doing Growth Hacking, you should develop different strategies to attract customers and do activities that can attract the user’s attention in addition to the known SEO, social media, advertising management activities. You should do this many times by trial and error, test the ideas that come to your mind with small tests and catch the flow that will bring the most customers at the most affordable cost for your company. What you need to do here while developing a growth hacking strategy is where the target audience is, what they like, what they like, and how they connect with your company. If you reveal all this context, growth hacking ideas will also start raining down. Of course, it is very critical that you study plenty of examples here.

Here are the basic elements of Growth Hacking:

  1. User Orientation: Understanding user behavior and creating solutions that create value for users.
  2. Viral Marketing: To ensure the natural dissemination of a product or service Decently among users.
  3. Data Analytics: To optimize strategies by analyzing user data.
  4. Trial and Error (A/B Tests): To determine the most effective ones by testing different strategies.
  5. Creative Solutions: To stimulate growth by using creative and unexpected methods.

Examples of Growth Hacking

Studying examples, learning from other companies is always one of the activities that a marketing professional should do.Dec. That’s why we developed the competitor and sector analysis part of Grower. We will also try to speed up your learning by preparing examples in this section.

Dropbox’s Reference Program

Dropbox has organically expanded its existing user base by offering users additional storage space to invite friends to the service.Oct.

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Airbnb’s Craigslist Integration

By initially promoting its products through Craigslist, Airbnb reached a larger audience and expanded its user base early on.

Hotmail’s E-mail Signature

Hotmail, free email service users are automatically added to the “PS: I love you. He increased the number of users by carrying out a viral marketing strategy with the signature of “Get your free email at Hotmail”.

Uber’s First Ride-Free Promotion

Uber has rapidly grown its user base by offering free rides to new users on their first trip.

LinkedIn’s Email Invitations

LinkedIn has expanded its user base by automatically making connection suggestions using users’ email address books.

Facebook’s University-Based Expansion Strategy

Facebook has grown by starting out initially only open at certain universities, then expanding to other universities and eventually becoming open to everyone.

PayPal’s Investment and Reference Program

PayPal has increased its user base by offering cash rewards to its users both when they register and when they invite their friends.

HubSpot’s Free Tools

HubSpot has reached out to a wider user base by offering free tools that allow users to test their inbound marketing strategies.

YouTube’s Viral Video Strategy

By putting attractive, viral videos on YouTube’s platform, it has organically grown its user base.

Tinder’s Strategy for College Campuses

Tinder, initially focusing on college students, quickly expanded with its popularity on campuses, reaching a wider user base.

Amazon’s Review and Recommendation System

By encouraging users to review products and offering personalized recommendations, Amazon has made users shop more.

Spotify’s Freemium Model

Spotify has grown by attracting users to the platform with its free-to-use option and increasing conversion for a premium subscription.

Netflix’s Personalized Content Recommendations

Netflix has increased user loyalty by analyzing users’ viewing histories and providing personalized movie and series recommendations.

Dollar Shave Club’s Viral Video Marketing

Dollar Shave Club has reached a wide audience of users by spreading virally with a humorous and remarkable promotional video.

Instagram’s Influencer Marketing

Instagram has organically expanded its user base by encouraging influencers to become popular on the platform.

Duolingo’s Viral Invitation System

Duolingo has accelerated growth by offering incentive rewards for users to invite their friends to the platform.

Tesla’s Reference Program

Tesla has boosted car sales by offering rewards to existing customers when they bring in new customers.

Snapchat’s Story Format

By using the story format, Snapchat has enabled users to interact more and spend more time on the platform.

Groupon’s Mass Discounts and Social Sharing Opportunity

Groupon has increased social networking interaction by enabling users to make discounted purchases in groups.

HelloFresh’s Friend Invitation Campaign

HelloFresh has expanded its customer base by offering incentive discounts to existing customers to invite new users.

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These examples show the basic principles of Growth Hacking such as user-oriented approach, creative solutions and viral marketing. Each of them has made a big impact with low costs, enabling companies to grow quickly.

In this content, we tried to provide information about growth hacking and inspire you to grow your own company. We hope it was useful for you. If you want to grow your business and make the right decisions in digital marketing, you can meet Grower right now, you can easily manage SEO, social media, advertising management processes from Grower panel and grow your business.


I try to write what I know and share content on Grower for companies that want to grow their business.

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