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What is Funnel Strategy? How to Create a Marketing Funnel?

When doing digital marketing, it is necessary to carry out a lot of analysis and the right actions together. While creating strategies and doing the right marketing work here, you may have heard of systems called funnel strategies. In this section, we will examine together how to set up a funnel, how to apply a funnel strategy and what needs to be done and have a great experience. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

What is Funnel in Marketing?

First of all, funnel strategy refers to the work done to turn potential customers into real customers. In order for the user to actually buy, we have to touch the customer again and again through marketing and regularly explain our value proposition as a company.

Applying funnel strategies will not only make our job easier, but also help us clearly see the points we missed and take marketing actions easily.

How to Set Up a Funnel Strategy?

To establish a funnel, you need to follow 5 important steps. These steps are Acqusition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.

The actions and tactics we will implement in each of these steps may differ. Let’s start examining these steps right now.


In this step, activities are carried out to acquire the customer. For example, to gain customers, social media posts are made, advertisements are published, SEO studies are carried out, and keyword studies are carried out on Google.

In this step, potential customers are seen extensively and the brand, service and value proposition are explained.


People who see it on social media or come to the website have taken this step if they have filled out a form, called us or taken the action we requested. For example, while we are carrying out acqusition activities for 1,000 people who enter our website, 10 people who fill out the form enter the activation area and convincing the users who come to our site to fill out the form, using the right expressions for them and creating the right user experience flow constitute “activation” moves.

At this stage, it is important to place the forms in the right places and choose the right communication channel for the user. For example, it is decided whether we will manage our sales process via Whatsapp, phone call or e-mails sent by people, and advertisements, pages and social media are shaped to take these actions.


Our third step in Funnel is retention. I can say that it is the most important growth hacking funnel step. It is the name given to inviting users to visit us again and again or to use our product.

For example, if a person looks at shoes on our website, adds them to the cart and does not buy them, showing them ads again and again and doing re-marketing activities increases “retention”. In order to bring the user to the site again and again, e-mails can be sent from time to time, notifications can be shown, and the user can be triggered with SMS.

We can call the campaigns carried out to ensure that users who have purchased before return to the website again and again and shop again, as promotion efforts.


In the 4th step of the funnel, there is the income field. In other words, the action that the user purchases and the purchasing adventure completes is called the revenue field. These efforts are called making things easier in the final purchasing process and ensuring that things run smoothly.

Revenue studies are also carried out to increase this metric, which we call “basket amount”, by recommending extra products to the customer through cross sales and enabling them to purchase more.


While completing all these customer processes, “referral” studies, which is the last step of the funnel, are carried out to get customers to recommend them and invite another potential customer. Within the scope of referral studies, it is necessary to direct the customer to get referrals and to make arrangements that the customer will gain as he gets recommended.

For example, in this step, studies called “affiliate marketing” are applied. People who recommend your brand and help with sales regularly receive commissions and earn income when they recommend. Building these structures allows you to receive referral actions in the funnel.

What is the Use of Establishing a Funnel?

After creating your funnel setups, you can better identify where you lost customers and where you gained them. When you follow all the steps, you will have completed your marketing setup.

In this content, we tried to explain the funnel installation and its benefits from start to finish. We hope it was inspiring. If you want to develop and grow your own company, you can meet Grower, and thanks to Grower’s smart algorithm, you can accelerate your marketing and grow your business by taking the right actions and deciding which marketing work to do and when.

We are with you to grow your business in SEO, social media and advertising management processes. We create content in order to grow your business.

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