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What is Digital Marketing? How Is It Done? How to Create Strategies? 2023 Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays, in order to sell a product or service, it is of course necessary to be in the internet world. It is necessary to do marketing with the right steps in the internet world, which is dominated by both social media and search engines such as Google. As Grower team, we will try to support and inspire you by explaining all digital marketing processes from start to finish in this content. After all this information, you can meet the Grower system, which gives you suggestions and guides you in digital marketing, and grow your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

All of the advertising, promotion and content production activities carried out for the target audience to explain the product or service of the company in online channels are called digital marketing.

In order to do digital marketing, it is necessary to produce content in the form of text, video or visuals in an online world, publish it and share posts or create advertisements in channels to show it to people.

How to Do Digital Marketing?

In order to do digital marketing, it is necessary to apply SEO, social media and advertising management steps correctly and regularly, and to take actions by analyzing the entire sector, competitors and data while managing ads and producing content.

In the rest of this content, we will explain what you need to do about SEO, social media and ad management, and we will try to support you with video content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, with its Turkish name search engine optimization, is called the content production activities carried out to improve the website and in this direction. By doing SEO, the website tries to rank high in the desired keywords in search engines such as Google. For example, a website that wants to appear in the keyword “stainless pipe” makes the website SEO compatible, produces content, organizes the site, improves the user experience in order to appear in that word. In this way, when people search for “stainless pipe”, they see the website and can review the site and become a customer. With this method, of course, it is necessary to show activities on the website and do SEO activities. SEO is a digital marketing discipline that requires more than 200 factors to be considered.

SEO activities are permanent. If we do SEO work correctly and regularly, our website gains strength and is listed in search engines such as Google for a long time. Without advertising and spending money, the website gains customers and business grows.

With Grower’s SEO system, you can easily do SEO, produce content or organize your website, even if you are just starting to learn SEO. The Grower SEO system presents and explains the analysis of competitors, data in the industry or what you need to do every month, and helps you grow your business and take the right SEO steps by giving you warnings in different situations.

How Should Blog Content be Produced for the Website?

The basis of SEO is content production. It is necessary to regularly produce both blog content and new pages. The more keywords you can produce content on, the more you will rank high on Google. For this, it is necessary to regularly produce quality blog content on the right keywords. Here you can automatically find keywords with the algorithms developed by Grower, you can easily turn 20 different blog content suggestions recommended for you every month into content and add it to your website.

Backlink Acquisition and Off-Site SEO

SEO activities include actions outside the website as well as activities inside the website. Google understands and interprets whether a website is good quality and good by collecting other suggestions. If there are too many quality links on the internet on behalf of your company, Google sees this as positive and starts to list it high in the rankings.

Social Media Management

Content production and profile development activities on social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn and X are called social media management. While doing social media management activities, it is necessary to regularly produce content and organize all accounts in the channels. While producing reels and video content for channels such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, marketing activities are carried out with different strategies for other channels. Here, determining the audience and conducting communication activities according to the audience develops a great expertise, plan and strategy.

What kind of content should be produced for Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most used channels and one of the channels that companies focus on the most. While doing marketing activities on Instagram, it is necessary to regularly produce content and make it user-liked. This situation is easy to say, but it is a very difficult process to do and implement. Since Instagram is a live channel, it is necessary to regularly analyze the sector, competitors and take action by observing what the user likes.

You should follow the trends in Instagram reels. If a company produces only the content it knows without caring about the environment and trends while doing digital marketing, it will definitely make a mistake. Channels such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube are constantly changing and agenda-forming channels. Years cannot pass with a single plan in these channels. It is necessary to regularly create new content ideas and come up with new content designs.

Advertising Management (Performance Marketing)

Campaigns and advertisements on Google and social media are called performance marketing and ad management activities. Keyword ads seen on Google, ads we see on channels such as Instagram, TikTok, and the installation, management, optimization and reporting of these ads are among digital marketing activities.

Increasing and Editing Google Quality Score

There is a quality score system created by Google algorithms to give ads in the right way. If you can advertise in accordance with this quality score, you can attract traffic with less cost and gain customers by strengthening your website.

When you follow the steps we mentioned in the video content, you will be able to observe that the quality score of your ads increases and you create much more successful ads and campaigns.

Google Ads Management and Optimization

After setting up Google ads, it is necessary to optimize and edit them regularly. It is very important to observe and analyze campaign performance and create the right ad campaigns. In this video content, we tried to inspire you by explaining how to make optimizations and what to pay attention to.

Reporting and Analysis Processes

Digital marketing is a field where mathematics is predominant. It is necessary to constantly examine the data and understand what is going on by interpreting the data. Here, it is necessary both to look at the right data and to know what the data means. Reporting, analysis and sector tracking are of great importance here.

Suggested content: Marketing data calculation tool

Determining, tracking and calculating data such as customer acquisition cost, L.T.V., R.O.I. on a regular basis are among the most valuable tasks of a digital marketing expert.

How to Create Marketing Strategies?

Now that you have the digital marketing knowledge, you are ready to create your marketing strategies. You can determine what you will do in general by following the steps below.

Media Selection

Are Instagram ads or Google ads the right channel for you? Which ads on which channels will grow your business and where your target audience is. Which ads will give you better performance. Although it is difficult to know all these things at the beginning, you can choose the right channel for yourself by doing a lot of tests and experimenting a lot.

Advertising Discourse and Value Proposition

You need to find the right value proposition for your ads and reflect the problem you have solved for your customers in all marketing channels. Grower has developed a nice tool for this. We take some information from you and create ad texts and slogans for you in seconds.

Grower tool: Creating a slogan

Campaign Strategies

You can sometimes create seasonal campaigns and sometimes regular campaigns to determine which campaigns will be effective when you advertise. When advertising on social media and Google, you should design campaigns that explain the discounts, promotions or special offers you will make.

Content Production

You may need to produce content, design, make videos or edit images for social media and Google image ads. You should prepare these for your own company and make extensive preparations to produce content.

Advertising by Choosing a Target Audience or Keyword

You should determine which keywords to advertise on Google and which target audience you should advertise to on social media. After determining this, you should prepare yourself to advertise by determining your target audience in the relevant channels.

In this content, we tried to explain what digital marketing is and how to do it, and we tried to give information about creating a strategy. I hope we were able to inspire you for your business. If you want to grow your business and accelerate your marketing activities with the power of artificial intelligence, you can meet Grower and get started right away.


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