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What is Breadcrumb? How to Setup and What is the Benefit?

In addition to producing content and creating advertising campaigns, digital marketing experts must also review the website’s on-site SEO activities. While reviewing the in-site actions, in addition to studies such as site speed improvement, website development, the “breadcrumb” structure should also be reviewed, especially for e-commerce sites, and in this content, we will examine the breadcrumb structures and try to give you information.

What is Breadcrumb?

Breadcrumb is a term used in digital marketing and web design. Breadcrumb is a roadmap used to facilitate users’ navigation within a website, usually at the top of the page, showing the user’s current location.

Breadcrumb’s importance for digital marketing experts is as follows:

Improves User Experience: Breadcrumb allows users to navigate the site more easily. Users can easily understand where they are on the site and can go back or switch to different sections with a few clicks.

Explains Site Structure: Websites can often be complex structures. Breadcrumb shows the structure of the site and how nested pages relate to each other. This makes it easier for users to access related content within the site.

Useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Breadcrumbs help search engines better understand the structure of your website. Also, search engines like Google sometimes show breadcrumb paths in search results, which can attract user interest and increase the click-through rate.

Contributes to Low Bounce Rate: When users have an easy roadmap to find what they are looking for, they are less likely to leave the site. Breadcrumbs allow users to spend more time on the site and visit more pages.

Effective for Content Marketing: Especially on content-heavy sites such as blogs and news sites, the use of breadcrumbs allows users to easily access relevant content. This makes it easier to navigate between content and access related topics.

In short, breadcrumb is an SEO-friendly and content management-friendly tool for digital marketing professionals that improves user experience and site engagement.

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How to Implement Breadcrumb?

Implementing breadcrumb structures correctly for SEO improves user experience and site structure, while also helping search engines better understand your site. Here are some examples and tips on how to effectively implement breadcrumb structures for SEO:

1- Create a Meaningful and Sequential Breadcrumb Structure

  • Example: If you are running an e-commerce site, your breadcrumb structure should be as follows: Homepage > Category > Subcategory > Product Page.
  • Description: This structure clearly shows the user which step they are on and allows them to easily navigate back through the site.

2-Use Breadcrumb Data Markups for Search Engines

  • Example: Use Schema.org’s BreadcrumbList markup in your breadcrumbs.
  • Description: This helps search engines like Google to correctly recognize your breadcrumb structure and display it appropriately in search results.

3-Use a User-Focused URL Structure

  • Example: www.orneksite.com/kadin/ayakkabi/siyah-topuklu
  • Description: Your URL structure should reflect your breadcrumb structure and help users easily understand the content.

4-Keyword Usage

  • Example: Use relevant keywords in your breadcrumbs, but in a natural and unforced way.
  • Description: This is useful for SEO and helps users find the content they are looking for.

5-Mobile Compatibility

  • Example: Make sure breadcrumbs are readable and clickable on mobile devices.
  • Description: Mobile user experience is crucial for Google’s mobile-first indexing.

6-Make it Easy for Users to Return

  • Example: If the user is on a product page, they should be able to return to the main category or homepage in a few clicks using breadcrumbs.
  • Description: This makes it easier to navigate through the site and helps reduce bounce rate.

7-Visually Clear and Simple Design

  • Example: Your breadcrumbs should not be visually over-complicated and should fit in with the overall design of your site.
  • Description: Provides a clear and understandable visual presentation for users.

8-Use Breadcrumbs Consistently on Every Page

  • Example: Use a similar breadcrumb structure on all your internal pages.
  • Description: This gives users a consistent experience and strengthens the overall structure of your site.

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Implementing breadcrumb structures in this way can positively impact both the user experience and the SEO performance of your site. These practices facilitate on-site navigation, while also ensuring that your content is better understood and indexed by search engines.

In this content, we tried to explain and provide information about breadcrumb structures, one of the important building blocks for SEO. I hope it was inspiring for you. If you want to be successful in digital marketing processes and take the right steps, you can meet Grower and register with Grower right now.


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