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What is Branding? How is it done?

In order to grow and develop a company, it is necessary to explain the value to potential customers and the problem solved in a good way. Here, making the company’s work more known and explaining the difference from competitors depends on doing branding work in a beautiful and effective way. As Grower, we will try to inspire you on your marketing journey by explaining how branding activities should be done in this content. If you are ready, here we go!

  • What is branding?
  • How to do branding activities?
  • Branding examples

What is Branding?

Branding is a strategic process to create, communicate and strengthen the identity of a product, service, company or organization.

Branding efforts aim to increase the perceived value of a business or product and to establish deeper and more meaningful connections with its target audience. Here is how branding works.

  1. Brand Name: The name of the business or product is a fundamental part of the brand identity. The name should be easily remembered, pronounceable, unique and reflective of the brand’s values.
  2. Logo and Graphic Identity: Visual identity includes the brand’s logo, colors, typography and other graphic elements. These visual elements play a critical role in promoting and recognizing the brand.
  3. Brand Equity and Message: The brand should have a story and a message. This message should emphasize the brand’s core values and differentiators.
  4. Target Audience Identification: Branding efforts involve understanding the expectations and needs of a specific target audience. This helps determine how the brand can reach this audience more effectively.
  5. Competition Analysis: Understanding the competition and the market is important in developing a branding strategy. Examining the strengths and weaknesses of competing brands helps determine how the brand can be differentiated.
  6. Communication Strategy: Includes the strategy for how the brand will communicate with its target audience. This can include advertising campaigns, social media activities, events and other communication channels.
  7. Brand Experience: This includes efforts to improve customers’ interactions with the brand. A positive customer experience can increase brand loyalty.
  8. Continuous Improvement: The branding process should be treated as a process of continuous improvement. Feedback and adapting to market changes help the brand stay current and competitive.

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Branding is a long-term effort to promote a brand, increase customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage. A successful branding strategy can help the brand establish a strong identity, build closer relationships with customers and contribute to business growth.

How to Work on Branding?

To create a good brand, it is necessary to follow all the steps correctly and take examples from many brands.

Branding efforts of large companies often require complex and carefully planned strategies.

Branding Examples

Here are some examples of branding efforts of big companies;

Apple Branding

Apple has consciously created a minimalist and innovative image through its branding efforts. The brand is recognized by the slogan “Think Different” and the iconic apple logo. Apple presents a brand message that emphasizes the quality, ease of use and aesthetic design of its products. However, Apple’s branding strategy is based on continuously demonstrating the diversity and innovation of its products:


Apple is constantly attracting attention with new products and technological innovations. They place great emphasis on innovation so that their brand gives the impression of “cool” and “live the future now”.


Simple and elegant design is part of their brand. The minimalist aesthetic of their products and stores defines their brand.

Customer Loyalty

Apple creates a strong bond with its customers and builds a loyal customer base. This results in low customer turnover and high customer satisfaction.

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Nike Branding Study

Nike is a globally recognized brand in the sportswear and footwear industry. The brand has become a symbol of youth, energy and sport with its slogan “Just Do It”. Nike has reinforced this message through its products and sponsorships with athletes.How to Do It:

Famous Sponsorships

Nike is directly associated with sports through sponsorship deals with the world’s leading athletes and teams. This strongly associates the brand with the world of sports.

Advertising Campaigns

Nike stands out with its bold and inspiring advertising campaigns. Its campaigns focus on personal development, motivation and the power of sports.

Social Responsibility

By investing in environmental and social responsibility projects, Nike promotes its brand as a more responsive and socially engaged company.

Coca-Cola Branding Study

Coca-Cola is a globally recognized brand in the beverage industry. Coca-Cola has historically used the themes of “Happiness” and “Sharing” in its branding efforts. It presents beverages not just as a product, but as an experience and a means of connection:

Emotional Connection

Coca-Cola markets its brand as a product with which people make emotional connections and memories. They run particularly emotional advertising campaigns during the holidays.

Cultural Connection

Coca-Cola connects with its customers by creating and celebrating special editions associated with cultural events and holidays around the world.


Google is a leading search engine and digital technology company. Google’s branding efforts focus on building an image of a user-friendly, innovative and trustworthy company. The brand emphasizes an ethical approach with the slogan “Don’t Be Evil”.How To:

Simple and User-Friendly Design

Google’s minimalist homepage allows users to search quickly and easily. User experience is emphasized as a core element of the brand.


Google is constantly introducing new products and services. Google Glass, the Android operating system and other innovations position the brand as a technology leader.


Starbucks is a global brand known for its coffee shops and coffee drinks. Their branding emphasizes providing a warm, friendly and comfortable café experience. Customer satisfaction and sustainability are also important elements of the brand.How To:

Customer Relations

Starbucks offers a personalized experience by calling customers by name. It offers loyalty programs to increase customer loyalty and engagement.


Starbucks is committed to sustainable coffee production and environmental responsibility projects. This is part of the brand’s effort to create social and environmental impact.


Tesla is a brand that revolutionized the electric car industry. Their branding aims to represent sustainability, technology leadership and transportation of the future. It emphasizes visionary leaders like Elon Musk and the balance between automobile technology and sustainability:

Technology Driven Image

Tesla emphasizes technology leadership with its high-performance electric cars and commitment to automotive technology.

Charismatic Leadership

Elon Musk’s leadership represents Tesla’s vision and innovation. Musk strengthens the brand by engaging with social media and the media.

While the branding strategies of these great companies are complex, there are some common elements: a strong brand message, visual identity, audience understanding, continuous innovation, emotional connection and social responsibility. By carefully considering these elements, you can plan and grow your branding efforts.

In this content, we have tried to inspire your company and benefit your marketing efforts by explaining the branding steps. I hope it has been a content that will grow your business. If you want to accelerate your digital marketing efforts and achieve success, you can meet Grower and do SEO, social media, advertising management with Grower.


I try to write what I know and share content on Grower for companies that want to grow their business.

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