Storytelling, What is Storytelling and How to Do It? Examples and Extensive Guide

Storytelling, What is Storytelling and How to Do It? Examples and Extensive Guide

Today, it is not enough just to develop a good product or service! Now we need to tell the organization we have developed very well and reflect what we want to do, our real story to the other side. In this content, we will try to explain and inspire the concept of storytelling from start to finish so that startups can express themselves much better.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the process of conveying emotions and ideas in the most accurate way by using stories and storytelling ideas.

Basically, it is the art of presenting a concept, a product or an idea in the form of a story that people can more easily understand and remember. This can help listeners or viewers make an emotional connection, immerse themselves in the story and remember events more effectively.

Storytelling has become a powerful tool used by brands to promote their products or services, share insights, promote an idea or influence a community. People often connect better through stories and this has been adopted as an effective strategy in business, marketing and communication.

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How to Storytelling, Successful Storytelling

Whatever we tell, we need to be clear, simple and get our message across clearly. To do this, we need to strip the story of as many unnecessary details as possible and bring it closer to the essence. The best storytellers are the ones who clearly convey the message of the story and present it in an exciting way. When creating your own story, you should know why you are telling this story and make sure that you have a good start, appropriate discourse for the target audience, emotional connection and clarity of the message.

  • Define Purpose: Determine the purpose of the story. What is the message, emotion or idea you want to convey? What outcome or reaction is the story aiming for?
  • Understand Your Audience: Understand the audience or readers of your story. What are their interests, experiences and emotional attachments?
  • An Engaging Start: Start your story in an engaging way. An attention-grabbing opening grabs listeners’ attention and draws them into the story.
  • Developing Characters: Develop the characters in your story in a realistic and emotionally relatable way. Provide information about the characters’ feelings, goals and challenges.
  • Time and Place Details: Draw readers or listeners into the events by giving details about the time and place your story takes place. Bringing the setting to life increases the believability of the story.
  • Building Tension and a Rising Story Structure: Build tension in your story. Build some kind of tension throughout the story by adding challenges, conflicts or obstacles that characters face. This keeps the story engaging and exciting.
  • Emphasizing the Main Message: Emphasize the main message at the end of your story. Make the idea or message you want to convey clear.
  • Create an Emotional Connection: Try to create an emotional connection with the audience. Include elements that will create empathy so that the story can touch their emotions.
  • Simplicity and Clarity: Tell your story in simple and understandable language. Avoid complexity and try to express it clearly.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Test your storytelling and get feedback. You can improve your story by evaluating your audience’s reactions.

Must-Have Storytelling Fiction

  • Characters The main players of the story, people or characters. Viewers or listeners often relate to the characters.
  • Plot: The development of the story, beginning, middle and end. This forms the basic structure of the story and draws the audience/reader into the events.
  • Main Message: The story usually carries a specific message, idea or teaching. This emphasizes the purpose of the story and the point being made.

Storytelling-Storytelling Examples

In order to better understand the concept of storytelling and to get inspired, it is necessary to study a lot of examples. In this section, we will provide you with examples to better understand the whole concept of storytelling. You can take action by thinking about how you can apply each of them in your own startup.

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LEGO – “The LEGO Movie”

LEGO has demonstrated effective storytelling with films such as “The LEGO Movie”, which introduced its products through story and highlighted children’s creativity. The movie stimulated children’s imagination and desire for adventure through toys.

Nike – “Just Do It” Campaign

With the slogan “Just Do It”, Nike created its brand story by sharing athletes’ stories of success and overcoming challenges. The ads emphasizing the personal achievements of famous athletes inspired the audience.

Red Bull – “Stratos” Campaign

Red Bull’s “Stratos” project strengthened the brand image by highlighting extraordinary experiences and achievements, such as Felix Baumgartner’s fall from space. This project conveyed a story of courage and pushing the limits.

Google – “Reunion” Ad

Google’s “Reunion” ad highlighted the power of technology to bring people together, touching a family separated between India and Pakistan. It was a compelling piece of storytelling that brought together people separated for long periods of time through the power of Google Search.

IKEA – “The Wonderful Everyday” Campaign

IKEA turned the ordinary into a fun and unforgettable story with “The Wonderful Everyday” campaign, emphasizing the small moments and everyday life in the home. It powerfully communicated the idea of transforming homes and making life easier.

GoPro – User Stories

GoPro uses videos shared by its users to tell stories that highlight real-life experiences and adventures. This effectively showcases the brand’s product, as well as emotional and inspirational content based on users’ experiences.

Unilever – “Project Sunlight” Campaign

Unilever has launched a campaign on sustainability and social responsibility called “Project Sunlight”. This campaign aims to mobilize communities around the world to protect nature and leave a better world for future generations.

NASA – “Apollo 11” Mission

NASA’s Apollo 11 mission tells the story of the first human landing on the Moon and its great achievement, highlighting humanity’s desire to push boundaries and explore. The experiences of the astronauts and the success story continue to capture people’s imagination and interest.

Patagonia – “Don’t Buy This Jacket” Campaign

Patagonia released an ad titled “Don’t Buy This Jacket” to question sustainability and consumption habits. The ad featured storytelling that encouraged consumers to make eco-friendly choices instead of over-consuming.

John Lewis – Christmas Ads

John Lewis releases emotional and touching advertising campaigns every year during the Christmas period. In particular, the ads emphasize family ties, love and sharing through the theme of Christmas, enabling viewers to establish emotional bonds.

Warby Parker – “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” Model

Warby Parker adopts a storytelling approach that creates awareness by donating glasses to people in need in different parts of the world with every pair sold. This brand emphasizes social responsibility and how users can make a difference through this effort.

Chipotle – “The Scarecrow” Animation

Chipotle has released an animated commercial called “The Scarecrow”, which highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability and natural products in the food industry. The film highlights the problems of the fast-food industry and the brand’s effort to take a different path.

Budweiser – “Puppy Love” Ad

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial during the Super Bowl created an emotional connection with the friendship between a dog and a horse. This ad appealed to viewers’ emotions and offered unforgettable storytelling.

Adidas – “Break Free” Campaign

Adidas’ “Break Free” campaign was a storytelling campaign that encouraged individuals to overcome their limits and achieve extraordinary success. The campaign emphasized the perseverance and success stories of athletes.

Dove Men+Care – “Real Strength” Ad

Dove Men+Care, with its “Real Strength” ad, questioned the perception of masculinity and created an impressive storytelling that emphasizes themes such as fatherhood and emotionality.

Greenpeace – “Save the Arctic” Campaign

With the “Save the Arctic” campaign, Greenpeace used compelling storytelling to draw attention to environmental problems in the Arctic. The campaign aimed to raise awareness for the protection of natural life and the environment.

Always – “Like a Girl” Campaign

With the “Like a Girl” campaign, Always used storytelling to challenge gender stereotypes by emphasizing gender equality and the power of women. The campaign conveyed a message that celebrated the potential of girls and women.

P&G – “Thank You, Mom” Campaign

P&G’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign featured emotional storytelling that highlighted the support and sacrifices mothers make for their children’s success at major sporting events such as the Olympics.

Audi – “Daughter” Ad

Audi’s “Daughter” ad represented a storytelling that promoted gender equality and women’s potential. This ad emphasized the future success of girls.

UNICEF – “Unfairy Tales” Campaign

UNICEF aimed to draw attention and empathy to the refugee crisis around the world with the “Unfairy Tales” campaign, a compelling storytelling campaign about the experiences of refugee children.

Coca-Cola – “Happiness Machine” Videos

With the “Happiness Machine” videos, Coca-Cola has emphasized people’s feelings of love, joy and solidarity through heartfelt and positive storytelling.

Stella Artois – “Buy a Lady a Drink” Campaign

Stella Artois aims to raise awareness about water accessibility and draw attention to the water crisis in Africa with its “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign.
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In this content, we tried to give you information about storytelling and inspire you. We hope you will be able to tell the story and message of your startup in a much better way after this content. Of course, you will need to do digital marketing while delivering this message. Grower is with you in this process! Grower creates regular assignments, sector analyzes, keyword suggestions, audience suggestions and many useful marketing suggestions about what, when and how you should do in the field of SEO, social media, ad management. You are welcome to Grower!

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