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Smart Tasks with Data

“The grower algorithm creates intelligent assignments and describes how to do it by analyzing the industry and competitors’ data.”

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Automatic task assignments

The Grower algorithm analyzes its data every month, taking into account the industry and competitors, to determine what actions should be taken and assigns tasks called “grow” to you and your team.

The assigned tasks within Grower are described to you, and artificial intelligence guides you on how to complete them for growth.

Team and task tracking

You can assign tasks to the team members you have added within the Grower system, track the tasks and see what individuals need to do from a single panel.

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Description of tasks with artificial intelligence and algorithms

The Grower system integrates with artificial intelligence. The Grower algorithm, which knows your data and determines what you need, creates the best task description for you by speaking with artificial intelligence.

Each task description in the system is customized specifically for you based on your data and directs you to help you grow your business.

An intelligent "grow" system is waiting for you in the grower dashboard

Grower algorithm integrates with artificial intelligence and assigns you 30+ tasks every month, explaining how to do them.



Tasks are assigned for on-site adjustments and internal and external SEO work.

Social media

Social media

Concept proposals, content analyses, and content that you need to share will be transferred to you through artificial intelligence.

Ads management

Ads management

You will be assigned tasks to optimize by analyzing Google and Instagram ads.

Business development

Business development

The things you need to do outside of digital marketing are determined by your data and instructions on how to do them are provided.


Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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