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Digital Marketing for Service Sector

Artificial intelligence and Grower algorithm offer personalized SEO, social media, and advertisement management notifications in the service sector, making it easier for you to manage your marketing efforts


AI Based
Marketing System

Get to know the Grower panel right away to ensure the growth and development in the service sector

Create content

The growth algorithm helps you create content.


Keyword analysis

It tracks keywords and lists the tasks you need to do.

Planning & content

It allows you to plan your content and share it with your team.


Special designs for special days

Reminds you of special occasions and provides ready-made designs.


Campaigns from a single panel

It allows you to create campaigns on platforms such as Instagram and Google.


Performance marketing

This determines which advertisements perform better and provides optimizations.

Ads Grower

Collect demand from digital channels

Be more active in the digital world with Grower system, reach the right people who could be potential customers, and accelerate SEO, social media, and advertising management efforts.

Reach out to potential customers

Strengthen your presence on digital media


Track your industry and competitors in real-time

The Grower algorithm and artificial intelligence provide customized tasks and data-driven improvement recommendations to help consultants and professionals in the service sector grow their business.

Happy customers


Special Solutions for the Service Sector

What specific tasks are there for the service industry?
We know what marketing activities you need to do in order to reach the right person you want to contact. By analyzing your data, industry, and competitors, we create personalized tasks for you and describe how to do them.
How does the Grower algorithm work?
We create SEO, social media, and advertising management tasks that are renewed every month based on the sector, competitors, and data. Each task is customized for you and explains exactly what you need to do.
How can it be used in the service sector?

Talep toplama, marka oluşturma, sosyal medyanı büyütme, içerikleri planlama ve reklamlarından daha iyi performans almak için Grower sistemini kullanabilirsin.

How long should I use it?
Digital marketing actions are ongoing tasks that need to be regularly carried out. Every month, you should conduct regular SEO, social media, and advertising management activities to grow your business and make the right moves on a regular basis.
Can I do digital marketing on my own?
Through Grower, those in the service industry can carry out SEO, social media, and advertising management activities without the need to work with agencies.

Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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