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ROI Calculation: What You Need to Know About ROI and ROAS Calculation

ROI refers to the return on investment that companies or entrepreneurs often use in certain business processes. However, ROI, which means return on investment, is also known as a performance measure that determines the profitability or efficiency of an investment. In general, it is considered necessary to measure the amount of return on a particular investment according to the cost of the investment. For this reason, the issue of ROI calculation is also an interesting one.

ROI stands for: It is known as ”Return on Investment”. In Turkish, it also means ”Return on Investment”. The return on investment is obtained by dividing the cost of the investment. For this reason, it is possible to measure the performance of an investment in a certain area with ROI. Even if it is considered an easy concept by definition, ROI is a calculation in which there are many metrics. For this reason, it is extremely important to calculate it correctly. As the Grower team, in this article we will share with you what you need to know about ROI calculation.

What are the Defining Characteristics of ROI? 

Today, while businesses are operating in a competitive environment, the diversity of sectors is also increasing. In this case, different business opportunities that make a profit have started to develop. In addition, it is considered necessary to make a profit, reduce risk factors and achieve concrete results for the sustainable success of companies. At this point, the ROI measurement tool is extremely important for measuring the investments of commercial enterprises. RIO measurement is considered necessary for determining the strategy for enterprises. In addition, the profit-making of commercial enterprises is an important criterion for permanence. However, the defining characteristics of the frequently used ROI are as follows:

  1. It is very versatile and is known as a measurement tool that is often used.
  2. It allows measuring the profit indicator that an investment will bring.
  3. It helps you to find out the income according to the investment made.
  4. It is easy in terms of interpretation and analysis.
  5. It helps businesses to profit and grow.
  6. It allows to determine the loss and gain according to the amount of the investment.
  7. It is expressed in percentages.
  8. ROI determines how much an investment makes or causes a loss.
  9. It measures how well the investment is performing. It is also preferable to compare the performance of the investment with other investments.
  10. ROI shows the risk ratio of the investment. In this case, if the ROI ratio of the investment is high, the investment is considered less risky.
  11. The ROI varies according to the duration of the investment. In addition, long-term investments provide a higher ROI overall, while short-term investments offer less ROI.
  12. It varies depending on the amount of investment. As the amount of investment increases, the ROI increases.

ROI Calculation: How is ROI Calculated?

ROI calculation is the division of the net profit of the investment by the investment amount and the result is expressed as a percentage. Mathematically, ROI = (Net Profit / Investment Amount) is x 100.

In general, if the net profit of an investment is 20,000 TL and the investment amount is 100,000 TL, the ROI = (20000 / 100000) x 100 = 20%. In short, this means that the investment brings a profit of 20% annually. However, the net loss of an investment is also calculated as ROI = (Net Loss / Investment Amount) x 100.

ROI calculation is an indicator used to measure the performance of an investment. If the ROI ratio of the investment is high, the investment is expected to provide a higher return. In addition, this investment contains less risk.

What are the Advantages of ROI?

The concept of ROI offers many advantages to companies. These advantages are generally as follows:

1.Efficiency of the investment decision

ROI calculation is extremely important for measuring the efficiency of the company’s investment decisions. In addition, it also allows the company to compare the return on the projects it invests in.

2. Investment performance tracking

ROI calculation allows the company to track the investment performance and observe how profitable the investments are.

3.Risk management

ROI calculation is important for measuring the risk ratios of the projects in which the company invests. It also helps the company to make risk management more effective.

4. Helping with financial planning

 ROI calculation helps the financial planning of the company. At the same time, it also allows the company to make future investment decisions in an informed manner.

5. Examining investment alternatives

The ROI calculation helps the company to compare different investment alternatives. In addition, the company can choose the most profitable investment.

6.Examining the results of investments

The ROI calculation examines the results of the company’s investments. In this way, it also observes how profitable the investments are.

Why is ROI Calculation Important?

ROI calculation allows you to access important data in every area of trading and in every process of investment. The fact that your investments are successful is important in terms of ensuring the continuity of your investments. At this point, it is also extremely necessary to make an ROI calculation. With the ROI account, it is possible to find out where and how much profit you have made.

With ROI measurement, it is likely that you will separate your profitable campaigns from your inefficient campaigns. In this way, you can get back your investment in inefficient campaigns and invest it in the campaign where you make a profit. So you can increase your earnings.

With the use of capital and budget, you can see the current status of the main factors that will improve your business, such as production and product supply, sales channel and format, advertising type and marketing strategy Jul. In addition, you can predict the future results of your business by calculating ROI.

What Does ROI Mean in E-Commerce?

In e-commerce, ROI is an extremely important metric to measure the return on e-commerce investments. In addition, the e-commerce ROI constitutes the proportion of the profit generated from e-commerce sales, which is regulated according to e-commerce investments. 

In e-commerce, ROI: (profit / investment) is obtained as x 100. With this ratio, you can see how profitable the investments of e-commerce enterprises are. However, you enable e-commerce businesses to make their investment decisions efficient. At the same time, you can use this rate to limit costs, which is also important for e-commerce.

What is the Importance of ROI Measurement Tool in E-commerce?

E-commerce is one of the sectors that is most successful in terms of sales and profit making. In the e-commerce sector, which has a large audience, the most important factor in reaching thousands of customers is to make a certain investment first. That’s why ROI is extremely important in e-commerce.

It is extremely important for e-commerce sites to make sales in order to get the return on the investment they have made. In this case, a marketing budget is needed to be able to do this. ROI calculation is an extremely necessary process at these points.

It is extremely important that e-commerce transmissions increase the return on investment by making a profit from the investment they make to reach the consumer. In addition, e-commerce sites currently need ROI calculation to drive traffic to their sites with organic or paid ads through SEO studies.

Calculating the profit and loss ratio for companies that start e-commerce is an effective method for determining all kinds of possibilities. In addition, taking into account the possibilities in e-commerce, it is always a great advantage for you to make your investment and detect your losses early. ROI calculation based on a simple formula is a calculation method that shows e-commerce sites what steps they should take according to profit, loss and investment status. In short, with ROI, you can keep your investments in e-commerce at a measured rate. In addition, virtual stores also detect income and expense items using the ROI formula. In addition, they can apply different analyses, especially to increase the profitability rate.

What is ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)?

ROAS is a calculation method that shows the return on your advertising costs. It allows you to see your advertising expenses directly and only advertising-related costs. In short, the goal is a formula that shows what you earn for every $1 you spend on ads. In addition, ROAS is known as one of the most preferred basic methods for evaluating online ads. The ROAS formula is calculated with ”Income / Cost x 100″.

That you have earned 2400TL of income against 1400TL of advertising spending. Your income from advertising spending is (2400/1400) x100 =171%. This result shows that you earn 1.71 TL for every 1TL advertising spend.

Things to Consider in ROAS Calculation 

ROAS is calculated by a simple formula. However, the result obtained is only a numerical data. There are other metrics that need to be known to see how advertising benefits in real life. With these metrics, an e-commerce site with a ROAS value of 1.5 (150%) is likely to make a profit, while one with a ROAS value of 3 (300%) is also likely to make a loss. Therefore, the things to be considered in the ROAS calculation process are as follows:

  1. Profit margin

In the ROAS calculation process, income is determined by the sales price of the product. In addition, you should also take into account that you are spending money on the production or supply status of this product. 

2. Average Order Amount with Conversion Rate

If you are making your advertising investment to increase your sales volume and make high profits, it is extremely important to pay attention to the conversion rate and average order amount. In addition, it is an important criterion to find the average order amount by dividing the total advertising revenue by the number of orders and comparing it with the conversion rate. 

3. Advertising Time

With a healthy ROAS account, you should determine the amount of time you make the account depending on the product or service in the ad. However, in periodic advertising campaigns covering periods as short as 1 week, you should keep this period short. At the same time, the sale of some products covers long periods of time. This allows you to make a profit even when it is sold for little. In such cases, the fact that there is a long time between the day the ad is published and the day the Dec account is made also allows you to achieve healthier results.

4. The Purpose of Advertising

The ROAS value may also vary depending on the purpose of the advertisement provided. This calculation is usually critical for sales-oriented ads. In addition, if you have published the ad for brand awareness, announcement, promotion, member recruitment, survey purposes rather than sales-oriented, you can achieve your goal even if your ROAS value turns out to be very low. At the same time, there is no need to calculate ROAS in such cases.

What Do You Need to Do to Find Out the ROAS Value of Your Google Ads?

ROAS is known as a metric included in the scope of Google ADS’ Smart Bidding Strategies. In short, it is possible to make your ads more efficient by determining the target ROAS in the ads you provide with Google ADS. We also recommend using special columns to find out the ROAS value of these ads. This column is important to show you the ROAS value of your Google ads.

As the Grower team, in this article, we have discussed the necessary criteria and curiosities about the topic “ROI Calculation: What You Need to Know About ROI and ROAS Calculation”. To get more comprehensive information about our products, you can visit our website or contact us through our communication channels.

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