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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Artificial intelligence and the Grower algorithm offer customized SEO, social media, and advertising management notifications in the real estate industry, making marketing management easier for you.


AI Based
Marketing System

Get to know the Grower panel now to ensure your growth and development in the real estate sector.

Create content

The Grower algorithm helps in creating content.


Keyword analysis

This will track the keywords and list the tasks you need to do.

Planning & content

It enables you to plan your content and share your team.


Special designs for special days

It reminds you of special occasions and offers ready-made designs.


Campaigns from a single panel

It allows you to create campaigns on platforms like Instagram and Google.


Performance marketing

Determines which ads perform better and provides optimizations.

Ads Grower

Improve your reputation and gather portfolios.

Gain followers, increase engagement, improve reputation, and collect portfolios through tasks prepared by the exclusive Grower algorithm on channels like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Special tasks for real estate consultants

Actions to gather portfolio through social media


Track your industry and competitors in real-time

Grower algorithm and artificial intelligence provide tailored tasks and data-driven improvement suggestions to help real estate consultants, offices, and industry professionals grow their business.

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Special solutions for the real estate sector

What specific duties are there in the real estate sector?
There are marketing activities for collecting specific portfolios for real estate consultants, customized suggestions for being active on social media, and personalized recommendations created through artificial intelligence for branding.
How does the Grower algorithm work?
The Grower algorithm helps startups in the sector by analyzing their data and assigning regular tasks for what needs to be done, how, and when. By tracking your data regularly, the Grower algorithm provides assistance in identifying differences in the industry and helps you accordingly.
How can I gather portfolios from social media?
It is possible to reach homeowners through social media ads. The Grower system accurately identifies the target audience, making it easy to deliver advertisements and quickly optimize them.
How can real estate consultants be utilized?
The Grower panel can provide content ideas for social media, as well as easily plan and create automatic sharing. Google advertisements can be used to stay active in the region, while the steps taken on the branding page can lead to the right marketing strategies.
How long should I use it?
Digital marketing actions are tasks that need to be constantly done. Every month, you should regularly carry out SEO, social media, and advertising management work, and make the right moves regularly to grow your business.
Can I do digital marketing alone?
Advisors and companies in the real estate sector can carry out SEO, social media, and advertising management activities with Grower without the need to work with agencies.

Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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