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We Were Founded to Change the Marketing World

We are working to make the lives of those who perform digital marketing, entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, and dreamers easier.

Why Grower?

What we believe is that technology can make life easier for marketers. Just like an expert can make decisions based on data, algorithms and systems can also do this. If we can achieve this, we will help create amazing work that will make life easier for marketers in many parts of the world.

Before implementing Grower’s system, we faced tons of challenges while conducting digital marketing, and we believe that all of these problems can be solved with the technology we have developed. We also believe that like us, marketing professionals can have their lives changed for the better.

We have amazing partners who support us.
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Our team that creates wonders

As a team, we are passionate about marketing. We love digital marketing. But that’s not enough, we also love producing, algorithms, automation, and technology. We have big dreams! We want to make the world a better place by doing great things. That’s why we decided to create Grower, which will have an impact on the world, instead of just setting up and growing an agency.

As Grower, we know both marketing and technology very well. We are ready to change the world by doing the right thing at the right time!

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Our Team

Ahmet Sınlık
Ahmet Sınlık Product Manager
Barış Korkmaz
Barış Korkmaz Algorithm Designer
Buse Sevindik
Buse Sevindik Front End Developer
Esra Öztürk
Esra Öztürk Front End Developer
Gürkan Mete
Gürkan Mete Marketing Specialist
İrem Polat
İrem Polat Business Development Specialist
Melisa Taşkın
Melisa Taşkın Back End Developer
Rıza Meydan
Rıza Meydan Back End Developer


System that makes it easier to manage digital marketing efforts

The initiative provides algorithm-based smart suggestions, project management and data analysis convenience on a single screen for freelancers and companies.

System that gives smart suggestions for digital marketers

A platform for marketing experts and companies that integrates marketing data and provides smart tasks and directions to teams.

Platform that gives suggestions to digital marketers

Recommendations integrated with marketing data for marketing experts and companies doing SEO, social media and advertising management 

Technology that combines digital marketing with artificial intelligence

Leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence, Grower provides digital marketing experts with smart suggestions for action management.


Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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