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Keyword Analysis and Recommendations

Track your keywords from the Grower panel and see the keyword suggestions prepared by the algorithm for you


Follow your rankings

Grower system tracks your data in real-time and identifies the keywords that are experiencing either a rise or a fall. It then provides you with specific recommendations on what actions to take for those keywords.

Discover potential keywords

The Grower algorithm may have ranked low, but it shows you the high potential keywords and tells you what you need to do.


View the keywords of your competitors

Keeping track of competitors is of great importance for both SEO and advertising management work. By discovering the keywords that competitors are successful with, you can take action and find new keywords.

With Grower dashboard, you can see the keywords that your competitors are ranking for which may be different from yours, and monitor the growth of their organic traffic.

Keyword suggestions are waiting for you on the Grower dashboard

Grower algorithm integrates artificial intelligence to suggest monthly keywords and provide a list of necessary tasks.

Priority keywords

Priority keywords

This word recommendation group suggests high potential words that you should prioritize working on.

Long tail

Long tail

This word suggestion group lists words with low competition, high search volume, and potential usefulness to you.

Comptetitor Base

Comptetitor Base

This word suggestion group ranks the keywords that your competitors are using and can bring conversion for you.

Local keywords

Local keywords

In this keyword suggestion group, the focus is on the keywords that can bring you customers in the location where you work.

Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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