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Instagram Advertising Fees: What Determines Advertising Prices?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that users have recently shown interest in and have a lot of interaction. According to the latest statistics, it is possible to say that Instagram has a user base of much more than 1 billion. With the number of users it has, Instagram paid ads have become a part of marketing. Instagram advertising fees are very important for brands to deliver their products and services to millions of people. These ads, which are actively used by almost every brand today, are priced according to expectations and strategies. In addition, the target audience you want to reach, advertising areas and advertising marketing strategies pave the way for different advertising fees. In addition, it is curious about how much Instagram advertising fees are on average and what these fees are determined according to.

Instagram advertising rates vary depending on the level of knowledge about advertising. In addition, some arrangements made while creating the advertising campaign allow you to get much more results with the same fee paid for ads. In addition, as the Grower team, which varies according to the sector and target audience, in this article, we will share with you what is curious about Instagram advertising fees.

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What are the Steps to Advertise on Instagram?

We have listed the steps you need to know to advertise on Instagram for you below:

  1. Connecting Your Business Manager Account to Facebook

To advertise, you need to link your Business Manager account to your Facebook account. To do this, you need to log in to Business Manager within Facebook. After completing this step, you can start with the “get started” option at the bottom of the Facebook for Business page. Then, it is extremely important that you provide the necessary information about your company or the product or service you will advertise. After this step, it is extremely important to create a Facebook page for your brand. If you do not have a Facebook page, you need to set one up. Afterwards, it is possible to answer the questions in the personal information section.

2. Linking your Instagram Account to your Business Manager Account

For this step, you should click on Instagram account in the “Business settings” section of “My Business”. Then, after filling in the necessary blanks on the page that opens, it directs you to another page to connect your Facebook ad account with the Instagram account you have connected.

3. Creating an Instagram Ad from the Power Editor Section

After all the steps, you can see if you can advertise on Instagram in the Power Editor section. In this section, it is possible to switch to creating a campaign by clicking on the Plus (+) option. After this step, you need to proceed by selecting the Create new campaign section. It is also possible to get higher efficiency from your ad by getting more clicks with buttons such as click on the website, download mobile application or view video.

4. Budget Determination

After completing this step to advertise on Instagram, you should enter the budget you have set into the system and complete your ad settings. We recommend that you make your advertising arrangements by determining how much you want to advertise on a daily or monthly basis. You also need to choose the right time period to get the most out of your budget. For this, it would not be a logical option to advertise monthly at a low price.

5. Determining Audience

One of the best things about advertising digitally is that you have many ways to reach the target audience. Therefore, only the people who need to see your ad will see it and you won’t have to pay unnecessarily for people you don’t want to see it. Therefore, this step is extremely important. Also, making the right decisions in this step will allow you to get the best advertising statistics for you and your company.

6. Ad Selection

In this step, it is possible to choose what kind of advertisement to publish on Instagram. After making this choice, you can make your payment according to your expectations from the advertisement and your budget. After all these processes are completed, you need to select your Instagram page by clicking on the ad icon on the left side.

Tips for Determining Instagram Advertising Fees

Those who want to reduce Instagram advertising fees should be informed about some criteria. Our recommendations on this subject are generally as follows:

  1. You should give test ads to different target audiences for the same ad. It is also extremely important to conduct A/B tests. This allows you to see how your potential target audiences score.
  2. When you start testing your new ads, you should start with the automatic bidding option. This will reduce the budget you spend as ad performance improves, and it will also allow you to set a target for cost per click.
  3. Relevance score is considered a critical indicator for Instagram. Ads with a high relevance score allow you to lower ad rates. In short, as your target audience becomes interested in your ad, you will see improvements in the advertising cost you will spend. For this reason, correct targeting is the most important criterion that reduces the cost of advertising.
  4. Setting the impression frequency correctly is another important factor. If you do not pay attention to the frequency of ad impressions, people may see your ad too much. In this case, they may complain about your ad or get annoyed. To prevent this situation, it is possible to ensure that your ad is shown to the same people at intervals of three to four days by adjusting the display frequency settings. Instagram charges more for ads that receive complaints and this will cause you to publish more costly ads.

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In addition to these general recommendations, it takes a lot of experimentation to reduce the cost of advertising. For this reason, experienced advertisers can use the same advertising budget much more effectively than other advertisers. For this reason, brands that work with professionals or get support from professional advertisers to advertise on Instagram run much more profitable advertising campaigns in the long run than amateur advertisers. As a result, they achieve effective results.

What is the Minimum Budget for Advertising on Instagram?

Your budget is a factor that affects the number of people who will see your ad. Therefore, as your budget increases, the number of people you can reach also increases. Also, when you set the advertising budget, you can see an estimate of the number of people your ad can reach. At this point, it is extremely important that you start with a budget of at least 5 TL and advertise for a maximum of 6 days. Advertising with this amount and duration helps our ad delivery system to find the most suitable people for your ad. You can also stop your ad at any time.

As Grower team, in this article, “Instagram Advertising Fees: What Determines Advertising Prices?” We have discussed the necessary criteria and curiosities about the subject. For more comprehensive information about our product, you can visit our website or contact us through our communication channels.

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