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How to Create Ad Copy for SEO and Google Ads?

One of the cornerstones of businesses’ digital marketing strategies is SEO and Google ads. SEO involves various optimization techniques to improve a website’s ranking in search engines, while Google ads allow businesses to use custom ad copy to reach their target audience.

Ad copy aims to attract users’ attention by emphasizing the business’s value proposition, products or services and the problems it solves. In this way, the visibility of the business and the brand increases and it starts to gain trust. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to create ad copy.

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1.Include Numbers in Your Headline

Including certain numbers in your headline is one way to make your headline more engaging. Research shows that headlines with numbers generate more social shares and engagement.

According to marketer Debra Jason, one of the reasons for using numbers in your headlines is that numbers are like “brain candy”. They are addictive and our minds can’t get enough of them. In addition, if instead of writing “ten” in a headline, we write “10” to appeal to the number-loving side of our brains, our headline will become more attractive.

2.Capture the Reader’s Attention in One Go

With the developing technology, it has become easier to access information and articles on a subject. Remember that there are many articles and content competing for the attention of your followers and customers. You should communicate clearly and concisely with your followers. You also need to convince your customers and potential customers to keep reading. The headline can do this for you. That’s why you should put your energy into writing a headline that will grab people’s attention.

One of the most crucial points is to make the title “Unique”. This is where you need to focus on finding a keyword that others are not using and targeting. You should avoid ambiguity and get straight to the point with the title.

Additionally, don’t forget to include lots of data in your blog posts and take screenshots. Writing detailed posts can help you achieve your goal, as research shows that content length correlates with search rankings and conversions.

3. Be Clear in Your Headline

Write headlines that are easy to understand. The moment a reader lands on your web page, they shouldn’t need any help to understand what you are talking about. It is also a fact that headlines with a sense of urgency move people to action.

Another way to easily attract people to your content is to use uncommon words and phrases. Instead, if you explain complex problems in a simple way, with the average person in mind, you can impress your audience.

4. Add Interesting Words to Your Headlines

Adjectives are great for emotional writing and bringing your audience along with you in a story. They keep readers interested and engaged. You can include adjectives like weird, funny, free in your titles.

5. Use Sentimentality in Your Headlines

Not all words have the same impact on people. It is a fact that emotional words affect and attract people more. Emotionally effective words are colloquially called “power words”. Bestselling author Jeff Goins gives some examples of emotionally powerful words. You can check them out from the link.

6. Focus the reader on your headline

In one of his posts, author/text writer Dan Kennedy talks about how the “markup technique” is done. For both text and blog posts, the title is a powerful way of writing. You are already using one of the basic techniques, which involves addressing readers as “you”. I use “you” in most of my headlines, and I’ve seen very high engagement for any headline that includes “you.” The word “you” speaks about connecting and captivating readers on a personal level. You can try this if you want to build an intimate relationship with your audience.

7. Use this formula!

Here is a simple headline writing formula:

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Word

Example: Take the topic “Bathing elephants”. You could write an article titled “How to Bathe an Elephant” or “Why I Love Bathing Elephants”.

Or you could apply this formula and do something like this: “18 Incredible Ways to Wash an Elephant Indoors”

Another example: Take a bold promise like “Sell your house in one day”.

Apply the formula and you get this: “How to Effortlessly Sell Your House in Less than 24 Hours”.

8. Include the phrase “Little Known Ways” in your headlines

Using the phrase “little-known paths” is like telling the reader a secret. As a result, it will be hard for them to resist clicking. Each of the words in the formula guides your readers emotionally. Such headlines often stick in people’s minds long after they’ve seen them. For example ”’ You can include titles such as “The least known ways to do SEO”.

9. Measure the Success of Your Headline

In this article, you have learned tips on how to write an effective headline. You should measure the success of your headline and draw a roadmap accordingly. An effective and successful headline will put you ahead of your competitors in your Google ads.

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10. Bonus Information

Eye-tracking visualizations found that users usually read in two horizontal movements, followed by a systematic and slow vertical scan. In other words, we can talk about an F-shaped pattern. Social media users appreciate scannable posts with headlines, subheadings and bullet points that are front-loaded with information. That’s why it’s so important to load the most important information at the top of the letter “F”.

We hope this article was useful for you. Stay tuned for more!

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