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How to Become an SEO Expert? Comprehensive Guide and Advice

Doing SEO work, the work done to rank high in search engines such as Google is among the work we do as an SEO expert. Being an SEO expert requires interpreting events with a broad marketing philosophy and taking all actions only for the user experience for Google. In this content, we will try to explain what to do as an SEO expert from the beginning to the end, what SEO experts do, and try to inspire them in this content. If you are ready, here we go!

What Does an SEO Specialist Do?

If we imagine that SEO experts are just people who organize the website according to Google algorithms, we are misinterpreting the event. SEO is a person who understands many areas such as user experience and content production from start to finish and ensures that it is implemented correctly in the entire web world.

Using Grower for SEO Professionals

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Content Production

SEO experts are mostly concerned with content production and organization. When you become an SEO expert, what you need to do is to examine the competitors, the sector, the market, observe what people are looking for, what keywords the competitors appear in, and ensure that content production works are carried out regularly by producing blog content or new pages.

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On-site Optimizations

SEO experts perform in-site optimizations or work in integration with the software team. They regularly observe, analyze and work to improve the site so that the site works faster and more accurately directs the user.

Off-Site SEO

There is a concept we call backlink. Having your link on another site creates a “backlink”. The more quality backlinks we have, the higher we are listed in search engines like Google. For this reason, we should create content from time to time to create backlinks and strengthen our website with contracted promotional articles from time to time.

User Experience Improvements

A good SEO expert should add user experience to their work. Because Google algorithms look not only at the title, description, content detail, but also at the user’s behavior. It looks at how long the user stays on the website, how many pages they visit on the website and evaluates the SEO score accordingly. If our website is beautiful and suitable for user experience, we can easily rise in search engines like Google and gain strong SEO advantages.

If you want to become an SEO expert, you should also improve your user experience by following Google’s user-oriented algorithms. For this, you should observe how long the user stays on which page and make improvements by paying attention to the design and discourse errors on the pages.

How to Become an SEO Expert?

To become an SEO expert, it is necessary to follow a lot of trends and have the discipline of continuous learning. SEO experts should follow updates on Google and similar search engines and learn regularly. In addition to all these trend following skills, there are other skills that SEO experts need to acquire.

Web Design Knowledge

Although SEO experts do not do web design and development, they should have the competence to organize the website and know its infrastructure. Today, this ability, which can be easily learned with structures such as WordPress and Shopify, is among the disciplines that SEO experts should acquire while performing in-site optimizations.

Content Generation Capability

SEO experts cannot rank high in search engines such as Google just by doing analysis or in-site optimizations. They should be able to produce content, find keywords and develop original content and discourses with the ability to produce content and place them on the website. For this, it should do a lot of reading, examine competitors and analyze regularly by examining what they are doing.

Mastery of Google Analytics, Search Console and Other Marketing Tools

The mastery of data analysis tools such as Google Analytics and SEO tools such as Search Console is critical for SEO experts. Thanks to these tools, we can observe what the user coming to the website is doing, where it is missing and the areas that need to be developed.

It is necessary to master both the setup, targeting and analysis processes of tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console. If you want to be a good SEO expert, you should learn these tools and use them regularly.

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In this content, we tried to tell you how to become an SEO expert and tried to inspire you with examples. We hope that one day you can become a great SEO expert and take important steps in the marketing world. We are with you as Grower. Grower helps you with content production, on-site optimizations and many other tasks, regularly assigns tasks and makes the whole SEO process easier for you by following competitors and the industry. You can meet Grower right now. We are waiting!

I try to write what I know and share content on Grower for companies that want to grow their business.

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