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How Should Logo Design Be? Expression with Examples

Nowadays, making a beautiful logo is not as difficult as you might think. The biggest reason for this is that design is a very personal thing. But just like lahmacun and cats, there are some logos that most designers agree are universally appealing.

So what do these undeniably ‘beautiful’ logos have in common? Typically, designers use some proven design principles to build a strong foundation before adding their own unique touch. In this article, we’ll be taking a deep dive into 9 design principles.










Purpose of the Logo

The logo is a central part of the branding of any business, as it is often the first point of contact for most potential customers. This first impression has the ability to shape how the customer thinks about your brand from that point on. That’s why when you create a logo, it’s extremely important to make sure that it truly represents your brand and can connect with consumers.

Design Principles to Follow When Creating a Logo

You can make your design process much easier by using design principles to help you create a logo. These elements are the building blocks of any logo.

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Well-balanced logos look harmonious and polished. Nothing is shifted too much to one side or the other of the design. When your design is unbalanced, it can look very chaotic and it can be difficult for the viewer to absorb all the information at once.

Alignment, spacing and symmetry are important parts of achieving balance in your logo. For example, the logo below seems to have too much going on, but these three factors keep it from feeling overwhelming.

Timeless logos focus on quality over quantity. They eliminate most of the unnecessary elements and crazy ideas and focus on what works. This means focusing only on the core ideas and values of your brand without unnecessary clutter. Another important aspect of timeless logos is that they keep colors simple and clean, ignoring gradients and big palettes.


The purpose of a logo is to connect with the consumer and generate interest in your brand. When consumers can easily remember your logo and brand, they are more likely to associate it with your company. Logos that are easy to remember and make a strong impact are valuable because they help keep your brand in the minds of consumers.


Repetition may seem like a recipe for boring design. But it’s actually important to quickly guide the viewer’s eye from one side of your design to the other. This makes it easier for them to scan, absorb and (hopefully!) remember all the information in your logo.

The key to using repetition in your logo without it feeling repetitive is to combine patterns with slight differences. This could be the same text in different colors or slightly different icons and shapes.


Opposites attract and this is certainly the case with good logo design! Using contrast in your design can catch the viewer off guard and create the ‘wow’ factor (in a good way!) Essentially, contrast is about bringing two opposing elements together to make them stand out.

Many designers use a contrasting color scheme to incorporate this design principle into their logos. While this is an effective strategy, it’s not the only way! You can also use an eye-catching split design, like the one the designer used in the logo above, to contrast the shapes and lines.


Dominance is when one of your visual elements is more prominent than the others, making it the focal point of your logo. While this may seem like the opposite of balance, it’s an effective strategy for drawing the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the logo. You can also harness the power of surprise and make your design more exciting and dynamic.


Your logo usually needs to visually convey several different pieces of information, such as who you are, what you do and who you do it for. This is where the principle of visual hierarchy comes into play. Here you structure your elements in such a way that the viewer’s eye is consciously guided through your design. In fact, this is the path the customer will follow to see every detail in your logo. So it’s important to do this in a logical way. All other design principles like framing, typography and colors also work together to achieve a strong visual hierarchy.


A good logo can be used in a variety of ways and situations. For example, a logo that you can only use in one size on the internet is not very good because it limits the ways you can present your brand to the world. On the other hand, choosing a logo that can be resized, printed or placed on different media makes your brand significantly more visible. Even the best-looking logos may not be as good as we think they are if they become unrecognizable when you shrink them down for packaging or distort them when you put them on a billboard.


Simplicity is an important component of logos. Because most consumers only focus on a logo for a short period of time. With a simple design, you can express your brand’s personality in a concise and effective way. It’s also easy on the eyes, so it can become part of a customer’s daily life. This makes it easy to keep in mind.

Başarılı Logo Örnekleri 

In addition to a good logo, you should also create a strong slogan for your brand. If you don’t know how to do this, this article will be a guide for you: Creative slogan examples

In this content, we talked about how you can create a beautiful and successful logo for your business. If you want to take more success-oriented steps in your digital marketing journey, you can meet Grower’s technology. Grower collects all your marketing data on a single screen and determines what you need to do for you. It also helps you grow your business by helping you and your team take part in performance-enhancing tasks. See you at Grower and good luck with your logo! 🙂

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