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How Should Businesses Respond to DMs and Comments on Instagram?

The most important feature of Instagram is, of course, being accessible to everyone and being able to access all media in interaction. Companies have to respond to their users, interact with them and be active and lively in accordance with the spirit of Instagram. However, different messages from dozens of different profiles and different cases can change the entire communication strategy from start to finish. In order to solve this problem, we have compiled how to respond to DMs and comments in this content. Let’s start if you are ready!

How should companies respond to comments from Instagram?

Comments are one of the areas where you need to be most effective. When responding to comments, you should both protect your brand identity and communicate correctly with the people you interact with. If you follow the steps below for this, your job can be easier. 🙂

Identify brand identity and language of discourse

When answering, will you use you and me or you and us? How sincere you will be and what kind of emojis you will use. If you determine these precisely, you can create your own brand identity as well as fully protect the identity you will create and strengthen your positioning.

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Value and appreciate the user in comments

Commenting and interacting is a very difficult act today. Only 2 out of 100 people can comment and communicate with your brand. Therefore, you should reply to these comments without skipping them. You should tag the person in the comments and respond to them in the same tone, even if only emoji is sent to them.

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DM only when detailed information is required

Every comment was replied from DM. It is not right to meet with discourses such as come to DM. When detailed information is required, if the person has special problems, for example, if they want a refund, if they ask questions of their own, you should direct them to DM.

Motivate against buying

In the comments, inform and encourage users about your campaigns, promotions or special offers. Here you can both provide detailed information and emphasize that there are time constraints and a limited number of opportunities to get them excited so that they don’t miss out on this opportunity.

How to respond to bad comments on Instagram?

We don’t always come across happy and cheerful comments on Instagram. From time to time, we may encounter bad and highly critical comments. Overcoming this requires skill and correct communication. For this, we should create answers with the right discourse without disrupting our brand identity and protect our audience.

Empathizing with the customer plays a key role. We need to understand how the customer feels and take the problem seriously. Even if it is a small problem for you, you should feel that it can be a big problem for the customer and respond accordingly.

It is wrong to fight back and put the user in a bad light. Arguing with the user and humiliating the user in an area where everyone can see in the comments will minimize your brand. Therefore, to protect your brand, you should understand the customer and be solution-oriented.

Every comment is valuable. When there are situations that users do not like, you should see it as an opportunity to improve your product, service, content and use these situations to improve yourself.

How should I handle automated DM replies and how should I respond?

There will always be questions in your DM box. You should both answer those questions quickly and guide the user correctly with the answers given. You can create a quick first reply for users coming through Instagram. Thanks to this quick reply, you can make the first return when you receive a DM and make the first notification.

When creating your automated dm message, it is extremely important to reflect your value proposition briefly and clearly. What is the most valuable factor that distinguishes you from competitors and how do you do it? Do you provide the fastest, most reliable or highest quality service, what is the most fundamental point that distinguishes your product from competitors? You should reflect the point where you are positioned in dm. Thus, you will also reflect why users should prefer you.

One of the points you should pay attention to in automatic quick answers is that you should direct the user with mobilizing phrases. You should direct the user to call by phone, visit your website or send an e-mail. While DM is a cold request, you can turn it into a warm one with these communication tools. You can make the user get to know you better.

Reply suggestions for Instagram DM

Instagram DM replies should reflect your sincerity and guide the customer. You are the one asking questions and directing the customer to buy. When you only answer the questions, you cannot complete the purchase when you clear the rough edges in the mind. You have to lead the user on the journey to purchase. For example, he should tell him to visit the website. You should talk about the conveniences you can make if they buy. You should remember that the user who comes via Instagram DM is already interested in your product or service. These users have already made a certain decision and have taken action to write to you. You should direct the user to sales and provide convenience for the user to buy.

It is very important to respond quickly to the user who writes via Instagram DM. You should return to the person’s messages quickly and ask questions to keep the conversation going. Why does he need your product, has he tried a substitute product similar to your product or service before, how is his experience. You should ask what their expectations are from you, get answers and explain how you solve the user’s problems.

Examples of Successful Instagram DMs and Comments for Businesses

It is always a great contribution to examine and be inspired by examples. In this section, we have compiled examples for your inspiration.

In this content, we tried to explain how to respond to Instagram DMs and comments. We hope it was useful for your company. If you want to manage digital marketing processes better and make the right decisions, you can meet Grower and grow your business by making your marketing decisions quickly with Grower’s algorithm. We are waiting…

I try to write what I know and share content on Grower for companies that want to grow their business.

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