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Digital Marketing for Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe

Artificial intelligence and Grower algorithm offer you customized SEO, social media, and advertising management notifications in the hotel-restaurant-cafe sector, making it easy for you to manage marketing.


AI Based
Marketing System

Meet the Grower panel now and achieve growth and development in the hotel-restaurant-cafe sector

Create content

The Grower algorithm helps you create content.


Keyword analysis

It lists the tasks you need to do by following the keywords.

Planning & content

This allows you to plan your content and share it with your team.


Special occasions call for special days

It reminds you of special occasions and offers ready-made designs.


Campaigns from a single panel

It allows you to create campaigns on platforms such as Instagram and Google.


Performance marketing

It determines which ads are performing better and provides optimizations.

Ads Grower

Acquire new customers and be active in your region

With Grower systems, if you own a hotel, restaurant, or café, you can quickly carry out special growth projects. You can gain new customers by taking actions that help potential customers in your area find you.

Artificial intelligence-based growth recommendations for businesses

Custom business development ideas with algorithm-based solutions for companies.


Track Your Industry and Competitors in Real Time

Grower algorithm and artificial intelligence help hotels, restaurants, and cafes to grow their business with customized tasks and data-focused improvement recommendations.

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Special Solutions for the Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe Sector

What are the specific tasks for the hotel-restaurant-cafe sector?
If you’re a business owner, the Grower system is perfect for you! With assigned tasks based on data and provided analyses, you can run effective digital marketing campaigns and grow your business quickly by taking the right steps.
How does the grower algorithm work?
The Grower algorithm assigns regular tasks every month for startups by analyzing their sector and data, telling them what needs to be done, how, and when. It also helps in identifying differences in the industry by tracking regular data.
How can businesses use it?
The Grower system provides SEO recommendations for Google Maps results, making it easy for you to plan social media and manage the right ads on a single panel. This helps you take action quickly and easily in your job.
How long should I use it?
Digital marketing actions are tasks that need to be done continuously. Every month, you should regularly perform SEO, social media, and advertising management tasks, and make the right moves consistently to grow your business.
Can I do digital marketing alone?
Business owners and teams can perform SEO, social media, and advertising management activities without the need to work with agencies thanks to Grower.

Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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