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Google Ads Consulting: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google ADS is an advertising model that can be accessed through Google and allows you to publish ads. Although many search engines offer the same service, the fact that Google is by far the most used search engine in Turkey makes Google ADS more important for e-commerce sites. Dec.Dec, the Dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec.dec. At this point, Google ADS consulting is extremely important.

Users research the products they will buy and what they will do about certain topics through Google. Ads provided with Google ADS also allow the products and services of the advertising site to be displayed. In addition, you can attract visitors to your website thanks to this service, which can be used both on desktop and mobile. However, you can contact potential customers and increase your sales as well.

Google ADS, which is attractive to e-commerce sites by being easy to measure advertising performance, also shows you what kind of effects your ads are having. In addition, in this system, where it is possible to calculate the ROAS metric, you can see the ratio of your earnings to the cost of advertising and further strengthen your future advertising strategies. In addition, Google ADS consulting is extremely important at this point. As a Grower, in this article we will share with you the details you need to know about Google ADS consulting and Google ADS.

The Importance of Google ADS and its Benefits for Businesses

Google ADS combines different advertising models Decoupled. For this reason, it also contributes to the growth of e-commerce businesses. The person or institution that wants to advertise with this service creates an advertisement simply by entering details such as title, ad text, image, link (URL). In addition, there are criteria that you should know about Google ADS. In addition, it is extremely important to pay attention to some details in order to generate more revenue from the advertising provided.

When using Google ADS, it is necessary to enter demographic information such as the country, city, day, time, age and gender in which the ad will be displayed. In addition, choosing the most ideal advertising model in line with the needs and target audience and carefully adjusting all the details is the basis for achieving low cost, more profit results with Google ADS. In general, Google ADS ads are located on the search engine’s results page, maps, Gmail, Google Play, YouTube, and in ad-Decoupled sections of websites.

Google ADS Campaign Planning Steps

There are some steps you need to follow to plan a Google ADS campaign. They are generally as follows:

  1. Set your goals

Every campaign has a goal set at the beginning. This goal allows your campaign to focus on a specific outcome. It is extremely important to determine the right target audience in this regard. 

2. Choosing a campaign model

There is a list of recommended campaigns to achieve the goal you have set. The campaign type is very effective in determining both the places where ads will be displayed and how they will look.

3. Setting a budget

We recommend that you set a daily budget to check how much will be spent during the advertising process. It is also possible to change the daily budget at any time.

4. Selection of offers

When you set a campaign goal, it is possible to see a proposal focus proposal according to your campaign goal when selecting the offer type. The reason this recommendation is shown is to make sure that the campaign is designed in a way that meets your goal.

5. Adding extensions to ads

October Dec.2, 2019 With search network, video, Discovery and maximum performance campaigns, it is possible to add additional information such as more website links or phone numbers to your ads. Thanks to these additions, you give users more reasons to choose your business. You also usually increase the ad’s click-through rate by a few percentage points.

6. Creating an advertising group

It is possible to categorize related ads that share the same targeting in all campaign types except shopping and maximum performance. It is about targeting users who are looking for sneakers with ads that focus on sneakers that you have collected in a group

7. Targeting selection

Targeting is extremely important for determining how narrow or wide the audience of your ads will be. In addition, when there is no targeting, your ads can have the widest possible reach. Ad targeting allows you to focus on specific customers who are interested in the products and services you offer.

Making conversion settings

Conversion allows you to track the transactions that you want customers to complete on your website. In addition, with conversions, it is possible to measure the impact of ads, targeting and the overall campaign much better.

Determining the Target Audience and Creating Advertising Targets

There are various types of advertising available to help you reach potential customers. There are various methods of determining the target audience for these. In addition, it is extremely important to set criteria such as the audiences you want to reach or the content you want your ads to appear in. This way you can create ads effectively.

In some cases, ads need to be shown to customers who meet certain criteria. In this case, it is also extremely important that you do not prefer to limit your ads to be displayed only according to these criteria, even if you want to observe its performance. In general, managing your campaign based on the target audience you have determined is an important criterion for a campaign process in which you will get more effective results. In addition, when determining your target audience for your ads, you should first consider how people reach your product or service, and how your users will buy your product. When determining your target audience, it is extremely critical to determine who the people who will buy your product are. In addition, you should first determine the ideal target audience that is right for your brand and business. The details that your users should pay attention to when determining your ideal target audience are as follows:

  1. Age December
  2. The position where your audience reaches you
  3. Areas of interest
  4. The online shopping habits of your users
  5. The income status of your audience
  6. Which social media platforms they use more actively

When you take these items into account, you can make detailed inferences about the user profile that may occur related to your product or service.

Advertising Budget and Bidding Strategies

The Google ADS bidding strategy has been developed to maximize results according to the campaign goals you have set. Google sets bid amounts based on the probability that your ad will result in a click or conversion by making a manual or automatic bid. At this point, Google analyzes data such as the user’s device, operating system, the day and time of the search, Decography and location.

Finding the right bidding strategy and executing the strategy correctly is a very critical detail for your brand. However, it is necessary to plan factors such as correct targeting and budget planning correctly in the bid strategy. You also need to determine the purpose of your online advertising. Whether it is more important to drive more traffic to your website or to receive more phone calls is more important for you to determine this. 

If you have an idea about the results you want to achieve, you can create an online advertising campaign that will allow you to achieve your goals by using your Google ADS budget efficiently. In short, it is known as one of the extremely important criteria to determine your advertising purpose and target audience in order to develop your advertising budget and bidding strategies.

As the Grower team, in this article, we have discussed the necessary criteria and concerns about the topic “Google ADS consulting: Improve your digital marketing strategy”. For more comprehensive information about our products and the services we offer, you can visit our website or contact us. 

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