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February Trends for Instagram Reels and Tiktok

February was a period of creativity and innovation in the social media world. Especially Instagram Reels and TikTok users competed with each other to produce trend-setting content that has the power to influence their followers. Today, both platforms have become an arena where short video content reigns supreme. That’s why the trends that stood out in February not only captured users’ attention, but also played a big role in driving engagement and follower numbers.

From new dance trends to creative challenges, from funny skits to inspiring stories, a wide range of content shaped this month’s social media agenda. Let’s take a look at this content together!

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Tiktok Trends:

Trend: “Arriving at the Competition”

Trend summary: Posting a slow-motion video explaining a situation that will bring you to your knees, with a text overlay in the format “I’m coming to the _ challenge, but ___“.

@samilli0n It was over before it began 😪 #kindness#noenemies#fypシ#xycba ♬ Merry GO Round of Life by Xakei – Xakei_Pn

Trend: “Nobody Knows Me Like You Do”

Trend summary: All you do is post a video that lip-syncs to that audio, along with a layer of text describing a situation where you feel a kinship and strong connection with someone.


When the trio is complete again ✨🥰

♬ twin where have u been – alisja★

Trend: “If I Won the Lottery”

If the first part reads “If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t tell anyone…” and the second part is a photo of what you would spend money on, you can join the trend.



♬ End of Beginning – Djo

Trend: “Sad Hamster”

You can accompany this audio with a picture showing a situation where you will be scared/sad/hurt, with the first audio describing the situation/what you have been told and the second slide showing the sad hamster in the example below.

@fadibomstickers for reference…ive been driving for 3 years😀 #unhinged #bumperstickers #carstickers #thisismeifyouevencare #hamster #driving ♬ sad hamster meme sound – CrazyToastCat

Trending: “Who the F* Did I Marry?”

With this audio, you can grab your followers’ attention by posting a video commenting on Reesa Teesa’s long story series that took over TikTok this weekend.


This woman needs a Nobel prize for this series 🏅

♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

Trend: “What Are You Doing?” “Texting”

Post a video lip-syncing to that audio, with a funny text overlay describing a situation you’d be embarrassed to admit what you’re really doing on your phone.

@drlee90210 I just found his other ex wife’s tiktok too 😳 @ReesaTeesa ♬ original sound – girls

Trend: “You Should Know This Too”

Post a video that lip-syncs to that audio, with a funny text overlay describing a situation where you’re going to turn to someone and give them the necessary information.

@isaiah.dorm Its kind of peak#fyp ♬ original sound – Sabrina

Trend: “Just Had Half”

With this voice, show the item unexpectedly or absurdly halved after saying, “I just had half a __. I’ll save the other half for later.”

@jacksgothops I was a little thirsty #ithinkilikethislittlelife #beer #craftbeer #beercan #fyp #fypシ #foryou ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

Trend: “UMG Music”

Posting a video making fun of the fact that UMG has removed its music catalog from TikTok, usually by making a video with royalty-free music.

@nianaguerrero umg got us makin a dance w this song 😭 #onewithnatalia ♬ Fluffing a Duck – Kevin MacLeod

Instagram Reels Trends:

Trend: “Unexpected POV”

Trend Summary: Criticism. We will pass it.

Show your point of view and use this voice despite the haters and naysayers.

Trend: “Typing”

Trend Summary: Looking for an easy Reel idea? This is for you.

Grab your phone (or maybe a fake phone or phone case) and start typing. Then let your text on the screen do the talking.

Trend: “Murder Sounds Better With You”

Trend Recap: Altégo is back with another mixed remix.

Let this catchy beat help you showcase a product, outfit or a stylish transition with a before and after.

Trend: “Sunday”

Trend Summary: Looking for the perfect Sunday soundtrack?

From morning routines to your latest creations, infuse your Reels with this smooth, iconic Cranberries song.

Trend: “Love Letter”

Trend Brief: Whatever tickles your imagination, showcase it with this infectious sound!

Trend: “Forever”

Trend Summary: Two words: Perfect vibes. Give your reels an instant upgrade with Rome Ramirez’s latest song “Forever“.

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A perfect throwback to great vlogs, DIY sessions and compliance checks.

Trend: “FTCU x My Humps”

Trend Synopsis: This iconic mix of Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” and Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” is the ultimate transition sound.

Use it to change your look of the week or adopt the latest fashion trend.

Trend: “7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year”

Trend Summary: The category is sassy!

Use this Real Housewives of Salt Lake City song to poke fun at something that’s taking over your life, whether it’s a reality TV show, a struggle at work, or a favorite recipe.

Trend: “Nothing Burns Like The Cold”

Trend Recap: Snoh Aalegra’s 2018 song made a comeback on Instagram and we’re here for it.

It works for everything: behind-the-scenes content, makeup tutorials, compliance checks or a little day in the life vlog.

Trend: “Do You Wanna Go Grab Coffee?”

Trend Summary: Coffee (and tea) lovers, stand up!

This sound adds the perfect layer for Reels showing your favorite cafes, drinks or pastries.

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As we approach the end of February, it has been fascinating to see how this month’s colorful, creative and influential trends on Instagram Reels and TikTok have impacted the social media landscape. The innovative content and trends that emerged on these platforms proved once again that users are not only creating fun and engaging content, but also shaping cultural conversations and bringing attention to social issues. We are already looking forward to next month’s trends!

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