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Examples of Advertising: What Are the Types of Advertising That Give the Best Results?

Before the start of advertising studies, it is extremely important to determine the goals at the stage of making strategic decisions about advertising. In particular, the creation of a common understanding throughout the campaign plays an important role in the correct determination of advertising goals, effective creative strategy and media strategies. However, the effective and efficient use of the loaded budget allocated to advertising is also important in order to create an information and behavior change in the desired direction for the target audience. At this point, choosing the best one for your brand by examining various types of ads and advertising examples plays an important role in order to achieve successful results. 

Digital advertising refers to the marketing activities carried out with websites and similar online channels. In addition, digital ads include media formats such as text, images, audio and video. Such ads, on the other hand, allow you to achieve various business goals, from brand awareness to customer interaction and increasing repeat sales. At this point, it is extremely important to know the types of ads, study ad examples and apply the right advertising strategies. As the Grower team, in this article we will share with you those who are curious about advertising examples.

What are the Examples and Types of Digital Advertising?

There are multiple types of advertising in digital marketing. The most common types of advertising are as follows:

  • Search ads Dec.

Search ads, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Dec.Dec. search engine marketing (SEM). Dec.dec. search engine marketing (SEM).dec.dec. These ads usually appear as text ads that appear at the top or next to organic search results.Dec.

  • Display advertising

Display ads are ads that use visual elements such as images or animation, or text elements. In addition, these ads are also known as online ads, which can be displayed on websites, applications and devices. In addition, such ads appear inside or next to the content of a website.

  • Online video ads

Online video ads are a type of advertising in which the video format is used. Off-air video ads, on the other hand, are displayed in places similar to display ads. It is also published on websites, apps and devices. In addition, in-stream video ads are seen during the content before the video content or after the content.

  • Streaming media ads

Also known as broadcast by streaming (OTT), these ads are broadcast over the internet without satellite or cable. In addition, it is also known as a specific type of video advertising displayed in the content of streaming media.

  • Audio ads

Audio ads, one of the types of digital advertising, are played during or after content before online audio content, such as music or podcast streaming.

  • Social media ads

Social media ads are published on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What are Digital Advertising Statistics?

The performance of digital ads can be measured from almost any angle. The interaction statistics that you should use to measure your digital advertising campaign are as follows:

  • Clicks: The amount of clicks on your ad
  • Impressions: The amount of time your ad is displayed
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of impressions that result in a click
  • Reach: The amount of viewers your ad is shown to
  • Video completion rate: The status of the viewers who are shown your video ad to watch the entire ad

In addition, the statistical values that measure the results of your campaign are as follows:

  • Conversion rate: The amount of time customers perform the requested transaction (click, purchase) after viewing your ad
  • Sales associated with advertising: Purchasing processes that can be traced back to your ad (association models vary depending on the type of ad and the service.)
  • Return on advertising spending (ROAS): The income that your advertising campaign provides to you in relation to the budget you spend
  • Return on investment (ROI): The percentage of profit you get from your advertising campaign in relation to the budget you spend
  • Advertising cost of sales (ACOS): The ratio of advertising budget to sales associated with advertising
  • Sales to new customers to the brand: the purchase values you get from your potential audience who have never bought products from you before
  • Top Tips for Digital Ads

Although digital advertising strategies may seem complicated, there are a few basic good criteria that you should use during the initial process. These can generally be sorted as follows:

  • Reaching the right audience

Audience determination in digital advertising processes further increases the likelihood of thinking that your ad is relevant and interacting with your ad.

  • Performance tracking

The performance statistics of such ads are tracked more closely than traditional advertising formats. In addition, it is important to see which applications work and what do not work in terms of taking action on your advertising spending. This allows you to closely monitor how your advertising campaign is performing.

  • Conducting tests and optimization

It is a possible step to customize almost every aspect of digital ads, from the text of the ad to its visual use, from audience analysis to your budget. The best solution to being successful with your digital advertising campaign is to try to constantly test variables to maximize performance. It is also extremely important that you make optimization a necessary part of your campaign implementation.

  • Intimacy

Because online audiences are selective, little-effort ad texts or low-relevance ad content may cause you to fail. At this point, it is in all areas of your digital advertising strategy that can really interact with your audience (images, your messages and which

What Are the Advantages Offered by Digital Advertising?

Choosing digital advertising types is a marketing method that provides many advantages. In addition, it is possible to increase your brand awareness with these ads. In addition, when you use digital marketing for different purposes, you may also encounter some disadvantages. The advantages of digital advertising are as follows:

  1. They are easy-to-use ads and can also be published without working with an advertising agency.
  2. It offers the opportunity to reach the right target audience.
  3. It can be published and customized for specific groups of people.
  4. It is possible to access information such as how many people the ads reached, how many times they were viewed, how many times they were clicked.
  5. With detailed reports, advertising performance measurement can be provided and analysis can be performed.
  6. It has lower costs compared to traditional methods and is quite effective for small businesses.
  7. It is possible to make digital advertising even with very low budgets.
  8. It allows you to reach more people in a shorter time.
  9. It has the potential to be viewed 24/7.

What are the Main Performance Indicators in Digital Advertising?

In digital marketing, basic performance indicators (KPIs) are among the criteria necessary to measure marketing campaign performance.Dec. In addition, digital marketers prefer some basic performance indicators to track results. Therefore, setting goals and objectives makes it possible to measure campaign performance. These indicators, on the other hand, are basically as follows:

  • Returning visitors to the website
  • First visits
  • Total visits 
  • Total number of unique visits
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • The state of the average time spent on the page
  • Marketing ROI (return on investment)

As the Grower team, in this article we will say, “Advertising Examples: What are the Types of Ads That Give the Best Results?” we have discussed the necessary criteria and those who are curious about the subject. To get more comprehensive information about our products, you can visit our website or contact us through our communication channels.

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