Entrepreneurship Films and TV Series - 50+ Must-Watch List 2023

Entrepreneurship Films and TV Series – 50+ Must-Watch List 2023

What was entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship was labor. 🙂 Of course, you do not expect us to recommend the movie “Selvi boylum al yazmalım” in this content, but it is a good movie to watch. He who learns life also learns entrepreneurship. Starting a business, growing a business and creating a solid organizational structure requires serious personal development and skill. In this content, we have compiled movies and TV series to inspire you. We update it regularly and try to present the right inspirational movie for you.

Each of these movies and TV series are designed to inspire and touch you in your entrepreneurial life. Before we start with all this content, we wanted to present this video to inspire you.

There are many ups and downs in life. As dreams grow, the challenges increase. The more things we want to do, the more life tests whether we are really worthy of it. As you will see in the movies and TV series we have listed, every success story is achieved by overcoming hundreds of challenges.

Best Entrepreneurship Movies 2023

Let’s talk about the list. Although we tried to start with the best and most inspiring ones, we may have made mistakes from time to time. Let’s warn those who criticize our list in advance 🙂


In this story we see the life of the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan. We observe the difficulties he experienced, the conditions of that period and the character of Genghis Khan who did not give up. It is a great movie that can be taken as an example both in terms of history and personal development.

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2- Pursuit Of Happiness

Well, well, well! This is a great movie that we can say this is a movie. A modern entrepreneurship story. It’s a delightful movie from start to finish. Of course it’s Will Smith! A drama and biography film about how an entrepreneur is built. The transition of Chris Gardner at the end of the film is a great detail that has been thought out. Those who do not watch should immediately quit their jobs and watch.

3-The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie is already very beautiful, and Dicaprio’s acting is incredibly enjoyable, There are many moments in the movie that have been the subject of social media content. This is a real entrepreneurship story and there are many teachings in it. It’s a fun and educational movie at the same time. An enjoyable study on the stock market, finance, business management and entrepreneurship.

4- Padman

Biography films coming out of India are recommended. No matter how distant Indian culture may seem, there is a lot we can learn as humanity. The Padman movie is also a great movie for entrepreneurship. A film that can be inspired in the name of innovation, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development. In the film, we see the story of an entrepreneur who is developing a pad product to India.

5- Scott and Sid

a legendary entrepreneurship film that tells the entrepreneurial stories of 2 entrepreneurial friends. Throughout the film, we see the stories of success and failure experienced by 2 entrepreneurs. The film definitely contains a lot of things that entrepreneurs can learn. And at the end there is a wonderful moment when we can say, “what a script king is that”. It is recommended.

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6- Social Network

Of course, Facebook is one of the best examples of entrepreneurship and startup world. Facebook’s story is also a teaching and experience sharing in itself. The cast that makes the movie beautiful also makes the movie watchable. It is recommended for startup founders.

7- Jobs

Not without Steve Jobs. Apple’s founding story is a story that every startup founder and entrepreneur should follow. The moments of success and failure experienced by Steve Jobs also make these stories powerful. There are many experiences that need to be learned in the film.

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8- Blackberry

It’s a great biopic film that I’ve seen the rise and fall of a phone brand that we all know about. It’s an enterprise story that shows there’s a lot we can learn. Technology, entrepreneurship and startup experiences are waiting for you in this film.

9- Atatürk

We are not always going to recommend foreigners’ films. We also have entrepreneurship stories. We also have success stories and stories that can be inspired. It is not known how valuable it is as a film, but it is a beautiful experience that can be inspired as a story of entrepreneurship.

10- Champion in Bold

Is there a story of entrepreneurship from a horse race? He’s out. There are dozens of moments in this beautiful and inspiring story that can be inspired and taken as an example. A beautiful real-life story that should definitely be watched.

11- Pocket Hercules Naim Süleymanoğlu

Those who do not watch lose a lot. The film, which also tells the stories of Bulgarian immigrants, is a beautiful story that can be taken as an example of Naim Süleymanoğlu’s mentality and work discipline.

12- The Founder

Don’t say Mc Donald’s. He has a story too. There were moments when he also had to achieve. In this film, where you can learn a lot about entrepreneurship, there are good experiences about the concept of business model, growth and startup culture.

13- Wall Street

There are a lot of details of finance that you can learn in this movie, which includes a lot of details. As you can see what an entrepreneur is going through, you will also have the opportunity to experience what is happening in the world of stock market and finance.

14- Glengarry Glenn Ross

Sales, marketing corporate life. It’s a cult movie about the business world. You can get important experiences about business life in this film.

15- The Big Short

It is a great film that tells about what happened during the American financial crisis and offers good experiences about business life. A beautiful film about finance, business, crises, people management and opportunities.

16- The Aviator

It is a beautiful story that also includes entrepreneurship in the aviation vertical. This film, which is in the biography branch, contains moments where we will witness the wonderful acting of Leonardo Di Caprio again. It is definitely recommended.

17- Moneyball

Sports, statistics, innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s the exact definition of the movie. And I’ll shut up about Brad Pitt as our brother. It’s a beautiful movie and one from which you can learn a lot.

18- Thank you for Smoking

It’s a legendary movie in the name of marketing. It contains shocking teachings for those who are just learning marketing. For those who know, wow, it offers experiences like this is done. Watching learns a lot, not watching misses an opportunity. We recommend that you definitely experience this movie, which is also beautiful as a movie.

19- Catch me if you can

It’s Di Caprio again. This guy kept making movies to inspire entrepreneurs, we didn’t understand. 🙂 This movie, taken from a real life story, is both fun and contains beautiful teachings on the real world.

20- Lord of War

War is also a Sunday. Those who sell weapons of war are also entrepreneurs. What they do, how they succeed by watching this movie, which is an interesting Sunday and trade story, you can get a good experience about sales, marketing and the world.

21- The Godfather

One of those movies we called wow again. As well as being a masterpiece, the film also contains beautiful inspirations on entrepreneurship. The factors that determine the quality of the film, such as the cast and the script, are already unquestionably great. Those who do not watch it are advised to watch it as a trilogy.

22- The Devil Wears Prada

The film, which contains the corporate sparkles of the business world, is full of factors that will inspire trainees who are just starting to work. When you say that there are such lives, there is a lot you can learn.

23- War Dogs

It’s a fun and educational movie at the same time. This movie, which touches on the Sunday of war, contains fun teachings that you can learn from failures.

24- Joy

The story of a female entrepreneur. It is a beautiful story that inspires you in the field of marketing and sales, where you will feel the success story until the end. Joy expects you to watch the movie, of course, with Jennifer Lawrence’s acting, which is also tasteful.

25- The Great Hack

While this film shows the latest point of technology, it also tells us what can happen in the field of marketing and data analysis.

26- Becoming Warren Buffet

This work is more documentary than film. It gives us a much better understanding of the strategy, lifestyle and mentality of Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world.

27- Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year

Salesman of the Year, an Indian film, contains good teachings in the field of sales and marketing, as well as emphasizing the importance of perseverance, hard work and willingness.

28- Jerry Maguire

We see a great story in this film, where we can see how an eager character who was left alone in sports management gets back on his feet. Our list wouldn’t be complete without Tom Cruise anyway.

29- The Fastest Indian in the World

There are inspiring stories in this film about chasing dreams and not giving up. We see the inspiring story of a dreamer who tried to set a world speed record.

30- Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend

It is a beautiful story that tells about the growth and development of the Lamborghini brand and how an entrepreneur creates a real brand as a result of his struggles.

31- Ferrari

In this film, which tells the life story of Enzo Ferrari, we see the passion, struggle and determination to fulfill his dreams while doing the job he loves.

32- Enrigo Piaccio – An Italian Dream – Vespa

2 In Italy. it is a beautiful work that tells how an initiative has grown in the atmosphere formed after the world war II, how opportunities have taken place Decently among the crises.

33- Hustle

An inspiring modern entrepreneurship film full of work, passion and imagination that combines the birth of a basketball player with the recovery of a manager.

34- Ford vs Ferrari

In the film that tells about the Deconfliction between Ford and Ferrari, we are confronted with a beautiful experience story that tells what can be achieved with innovation and hard work even without the possibilities.

35- The Billionaire

In this film, we see the story of an entrepreneur full of perseverance who wants to start a new business in Thailand. It is especially recommended for young entrepreneurs.

36- Dangals

Amir Khan film about the struggle, education and development in the wrestling sport in India. It is recommended for entrepreneurs who are filled with all their dreams who want to be inspired.

37- Rush

In this film about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt, you will find passion, hard work and many entrepreneurial elements. Dec. We would definitely recommend this movie, which is also great in terms of its cast.

38- Tetris

The film occupies a really important place among modern entrepreneurial films.Dec. When describing the Soviet era, he tells how an entrepreneur struggled and how the iconic game that is still being played today was released.

Entrepreneurship Series – Inspiring Series Suggestions That Should Be Followed

The number of series about entrepreneurship has also increased significantly in the recent period. Especially platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime give a lot of space to the new generation startup stories and entrepreneurship stories.

1-Silicon Valley

When it comes to entrepreneurship and startup series, of course, the “Silicon Valley” series takes the lead. A lot of experience is lost if you start a startup and don’t watch it. Each part is a different adventure, a different experience. It contains countless information on behalf of the startup ecosystem.

2- The Playlist

This series tells the story of Spotify’s foundation from different windows. It contains countless experiences for those who want to start and grow a startup.

3- Shark Tank

In this content, where entrepreneurs make presentations to investors, every entrepreneur makes a presentation in a short time, receives investments instantly and negotiates with big investors. There are countless experiences. There are countless entrepreneurial stories. You can easily find the American and Australian sections on YouTube and get started right away.

4- Dragons’den

As in Shark Tank in the Dragons’ Den series, where there are also old episodes in Turkey, entrepreneurs make presentations to investors and make instant investments. The UK version is quite old and there is a lot you can learn.

5- The Dropout

It’s a very iconic story about how an entrepreneur tackles your world with his dream and fails. It definitely consists of dozens of experiences that need to be watched.

6- Mad Men

A great cult series that lovers fall in love with, those who are interested in advertising and marketing love. The characters in this series, their understanding of advertising and the script make Mad Men a work that really needs to be watched.

7- The Last Dance

Michael Jordan. Chicago Bulls. The greatest dynasty in NBA history. A true story and iconic interviews. That’s enough to explain the show. There is more that entrepreneurs can learn.

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8- Doğu

Shouldn’t there be Turkish TV series too? Doğu film tells the life story of Doğu Demirkol in a funny way. It shows how he started his stand up adventure and what kind of failures he experienced. A beautiful story of entrepreneurship and inspiration.

9- Terim

Fatih Terim is a legend who has signed several of the most important achievements of the football world. His moments, success stories, life, family, failures and achievements are told in detail. A beautiful and impressive experience content.

10- Undercover Billionaire

A billionaire is asked to leave everything and start a business exceeding $ 1 million in 90 days by taking only $ 100 money and leaving it to a place he does not know, he does not know at all. Yes! They’re doing it! If that doesn’t inspire, so what. 🙂 I definitely recommend you to watch. You can find the episodes on YouTube.

Bonus: Kolpaçino

When we say, “Our golden doors have become blood, Typhoon”. “It’s the champions league inside,” he said when describing the target audience. While we question the etiquette of getting up from the table, Kolpachino is also included in our list because there are entrepreneurial teachings. A beautiful masterpiece on organizational failures, weaknesses in people management, networking usage and partnership.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life that you can learn not only by living all the time, but also from what others experience. Biographical films, life stories should increase so that we get more experience. Let’s find out more. We will continue to share these films with you as they increase.

Of course, when you’re growing your business, you don’t think you’ll get anywhere just by watching movies. 🙂 You need to do digital marketing, SEO, social media, advertising management work correctly and quickly. Grower has developed a great system for this. By analyzing your competitors, your industry and your marketing data, Grower assigns you what you need to do regularly every month as a task and allows you to do digital marketing much easier and faster by providing analytics. You can start now for free. You can grow your business by doing digital marketing.


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