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Digital Marketing for Boutique

Artificial intelligence and the Grower algorithm offer specialized SEO, social media, and advertising management notifications for boutique owners, making marketing management easier.


AI Based
Marketing System

Get to know the Grower panel today, which will enable you to grow and thrive among the stores

Create Content

The Grower algorithm helps you create content.


Anahtar kelime analizi

It lists the tasks you need to do by following the keywords.

Planning & Content

This allows you to plan your content and share it with your team.


Special designs for special occasions

It reminds you of special occasions and offers ready-made designs.


Campaigns from a single panel

It enables you to create campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram and Google.


Performance marketing

It determines which ads perform better and provides optimizations.

Ads Grower

Increase your sales and gain loyal customers

Gain followers, engagement, grow your brand, and attract loyal customers on platforms such as Instagram with tasks prepared by the special Grower algorithm.

Special tasks for boutique owners

Regular AI-based recommendations for social media growth


Track Your Industry and Competitors in Real-Time

Grower algorithm and artificial intelligence provide customized tasks and data-driven improvement suggestions to help boutique owners grow their business.

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Special Solutions for Shop Owners

Are there any specific tasks for the shops?

The Grower system provides regular concept suggestions and content ideas each month, specifically tailored to boutique owners. Using artificial intelligence, it finds the best target audiences to achieve better performance.

How does the Grower algorithm work?

The Grower algorithm assigns regular tasks for the education sector every month by analyzing industry data, and instructs you on what, how, and when to do them. The Grower algorithm also helps you with any industry-specific variances that may arise by keeping track of your regular data.

How can store owners use it?
Shop owners can schedule automatic sharing plans through the Grower system, receive content ideas, and create ads from a single panel for their target audience. By taking the right steps with the help of artificial intelligence recommendations, they can quickly achieve their desired sales and accelerate their marketing efforts.
How long should I use it?
Digital marketing actions are tasks that should be continuously performed. Every month, you should regularly carry out SEO, social media, and advertising management activities, and consistently make the right moves to grow your business.
Can I do digital marketing alone?
Store owners can carry out SEO, social media, and advertising management activities without the need to work with agencies, thanks to Grower.

Accelerate your marketing

Meet Grower’s AI-based technology for growing your business and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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